The Upgrade Mobile Crusher is an Ideal Crushing Equipment

At present, mobile crushing and screening plant has become an important branch of mining equipment, and also become the next China crusher industry trends. Mobile crushing and screening equipment has been greatly expanded to the birth of materials processing field, favored mining, metallurgy, construction and chemical industry. With the greater and greater demand for the production capacity of the mobile crusher, Hongxing Machinery has made a new model namely the MCO 9 S mobile crusher.

Mobile Crusher

The MCO 9 S is equipped with the same touch panel control system, which has already been tried and tested with the other EVO plants. Therefore, those who are familiar with this control system will not take long to adapt to the new control system. The operation of the plant in conjunction with a mobile jaw crusher of type Mobicat MC 110 Z EVO, which can be seen at Steinexpo, results in the best possibilities of electrical locking. The MCO 9 S EVO and MC 110 Z EVO are thus ideally matched. Their different material conveying elements such as the vibrating chute or grizzly can be optimally adapted to each other. This assures that the cone crusher always maintains the optimal filling level and thus produces a high-quality end product.

Mobile crusher applies to construction waste crushing plant, crushing rock and other materials The mobile crusher is the integration of conveying, crushing and screening, and the mobile crusher can walk on their own crushing equipment, which walking up and convenient, reducing the unnecessary losses of mobile crushing equipment and the cost of investment, thus becoming the new king of the crusher. The mobile crusher marks the successful development and operation of the crusher production has reached a new level of technology , and attractes the close attention at home and abroad , especially in opencast coal mine and processing of construction waste .

Currently, the Hongxing Machinery series mobile crusher includes mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher and so on. In addition, according to the customer’s site, materials, and other requirements for grain type of mobile crusher, Hongxing has made the products tailored to meet the needs of different customers.

mobile stone crusher plant:

The Convenience and High Effiency of Mobile Crusher

The mobile crusher is designed for mining & mineral processing equipment plant, which have high chassis, narrower body compared with other trucks, smaller turning radius, which mean they can be easily transported on highways and moved to crushing sites, thus reducing the set-up time. This mobile plant is more conducive to locate in the reasonable region of the crushing sites, which provides more flexible space and reasonable layout for the crushing process flow.

Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher concept is fully adaptable to all mobile crushing needs; it sets up a new range of business opportunities for contractors, quarry operators, recycling and mining applications. HXJQ mobile crushing plant can eliminate the obstacles of the crushing places and circumstances, and offer the high efficient and low cost project plants for the client. In addition, the mobile crusher is flexible, convenient and strong in mobility. So it can save a large construction capital and relocation. Raw Materials can be broken at the job site without being transported again and also can be moved with the promotional exploitation of the raw material, which saves a large number of transportation costs.

Tracked mobile crusher station is a kind of high efficient crushing equipment, using its own driving mode, advanced technology, complete functions. In any terrain conditions, this device can reach any position of the work site. This can reduce the material processing operation, and is convenient for all auxiliary equipment coordination. Through the wireless remote control, can be very easily to the crusher to the trailer, and it is transported to the job site. Without the assembly time, so the equipment to work site can be put to work immediately. Mobile crusher broken than large, the optimum design can meet the needs of crusher technical characteristics, high productivity, product particle size uniformity

Because the building waste is stocked in a concentrated place, the storage place is limited and the transportation is not very convenient, at this time, the workers can make use of mobile building waste crusher in order to conduct multi-level crushing to large-sized materials. The equipment covers a small space so that it will save a lot of infrastructure construction and removal cost. In addition, this machine is able to crush the materials in the working site so that it will not need to transport the materials to other places to be crushed, so that the materials transportation cost will be greatly reduced. And what is more, the building waste crusher can also be redesigned and reshaped according to the actual spot so that it is the most ideal equipment for processing and handling the building waste. Other than the mobile crusher, other crushing and grinding machines such as ball mill researched and developed by HXJQ also enjoy great popularity.

portable aggregate crusher:

The Potential Development of Single Stage Crusher

The single stage crusher produced by Hongxing Machinery is very suitable for rough, medium and fine crushing of all kinds of soft and medium hard rocks. When crushing slag, gangue, coal ash, it can be combined with jaw crusher, sand maker and ladder-shaped grinding mill and can replace limestone crusher to produce cement. The cement produced by PE series of single stage crusher does need limestone and it has less fuel consumption, so that the dust and waste gas is greatly decreased, and in addition, half of the raw materials are waste residue. If this kind cement is used in road construction, a considerable capital can be saved every year.

Single Stage Crusher

According to the analysis from our experts, the future development of crusher equipment in the international market is looked on by the investors. The future development direction of crushing equipment will be environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. The crushing machine industry in China will usher in a wave of development. The potential of single stage crusher is relatively large, which has been paid attention to by manufacturers. The update speed of single stage crusher is very fast, and the current domestic crusher supply is only accounted for 40% of the demand, so it provides a strong impetus for the rapid development of crusher.

The attrition of flat hammer simply appears in the scope of attack. When the speed of rotation is normal, the back and sides of flat hammer can avoid abrading as the feeding material falling off the surface of flat hammer. Although the fray of counter-attack board is little, the grinding sticks are easy to be replaced. The metal utilization of flat hammer achieves 45%-48%. It is more serious to abrade the upper, front, back and side compared with flat hammer and hammer because the trailer state in single stage crusher. The rotation itself is easier to abrade with the metal utilization only keep 25%.

The Way to Improve the Production Level of Impact Crusher

Thanks to the fierce international competition, the Chinese impact crusher manufacturers need to make changes about the development mode and make breakthrough about the products in order to meet the market demand, realize the upgrading and transformation of the machinery industry and follow the international developing pace.

Thanks to new engine and drive technology, they work very efficiently and are very reliable and environment-friendly. In addition to the technical requirements, the engineers at Hongxing Machinnery also considere other aspects such as user friendliness, ergonomics and environmental protection and they were extremely successful in the process of upgrading the production level of impact crusher.

Impact Crusher

The intelligent design also facilitates the work of service technicians, because the engine compartment, the impact crusher unit and the double-deck grizzly are easily accessible via convenient platforms with ladders for maintenance work. Even the concealed elements are easily accessible: The belt drive and the switch cabinets can be reached via cover openings, which are located separate from one another in the housing and thus protect the more sensitive components against vibrations and dust.

Compared with hammer crusher , impact crusher crushing ratio is greater and more fully utilize the high-speed impact energy of the entire rotor. However, due to the impact crusher hammer is easy to wear , it is also limited in the application of a hard material crushing , impact crusher is usually used to crush limestone , coal, calcium carbide , quartz, dolomite , sulfide iron ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials.

Hongxing Machinery has designed and made many advanced crushing machines modes,such as jaw crushers, hydraulic impact crushers, hydraulic cone crushers, single cylinder cone crushers, sand making equipment, mobile crusher and belt crushers etc. As the representative equipment of the crusher family, the impact crusher can meet all kinds of crushing demands of various industries. The advanced technology and unique properties have made the impact crushers widely used in many fields such as the construction waste treatment and sand aggregate production. Our impact crushers can also be used in the industries of chemical engineering, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal mine and glass production. This type of crushing equipment has made much contribution to the national projects like the highway and railway construction and the artificial sand making production line.

impactor crusher:

The Superb Performance of the New Hongxing Mobile Crusher

Recently, the crushing and screening equipment manufacturer specializes in the technology sector R & D mobile crusher and new achievements, and plans to launch new products in late June series tracked mobile crushing and screening station, which greatly expand the application fields of the mobile crusher and promote development of the industry.

Mobile Crusher

However, the main attraction is definitely the new mobile crusher MCO 9 S. The ‘S’ version is, so to speak, the sister machine of the MCO 9 and can be equipped with a classifying screen with oversized grain return conveyor. This permits a closed material cycle and thus the production of a defined final grain size. The oversized grain can be optionally discharged via the swivel-mounted return conveyor at the side. Similar to the other machines in the EVO line, the MCO 9 S is also driven by a powerful diesel direct drive, which together with the electric drives of the conveyor belts ensures very efficient operation. So that the power is also delivered to where it is needed, the mobile crusher housing design was optimised and, as a result, over 160 kW of the total of 289 kW strong hydraulic drive is continuously available at the mobile crusher. In combination with the large stroke of the cone crusher, this ensures a maximum throughput of up to 260 t/h. The plant can be transported with the classifying screen and weighs 38.5 tons. The classifying screen can also be easily transported separately using the hook and lift system and weighs 5.5 tons on its own. The transport weight of the MCO 9 S is thus reduced to 33 tons.

Mobile crusher, environment-friendly, provides customers with high-efficiency, low-cost project plan; portable cone crusher as the quarry operators, contractors , recycling and mining applications has offered many business opportunities in crushing production line.

Mobile sand washing machine is not limited to a fixed place , according to the sand plant, it can makes back and forth movement, eliminating the hassle of installation, which greatly reduces the cost of installation and maintenance of the mobile crusher. Sand washing machine is sand production line equipment , the general large-scale mining will choose high performance, good stability, good sand mobile sand washing machine. Hongxing produces mobile sand washing machine features: high clean , reasonable structure and large capacity, small power consumption , sand washing process less loss of sand and other characteristics, especially its transmission parts are water and sand isolated, so the failure rate is much lower than the commonly used sand washing machine. As a kind of mobile of mobile crusher, mobile sand washing is the best choice for upgrading the industry.

Hongxing Brand is the China Famous Brand, and Hongxing believes that reliable and stable quality is the key to success. Our products like trucked mobile crusher, china mobile crushers are well known at home and abroad. Welcome to visit for cooperation, thank you!

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How to Keep Two Stage Crusher Operate Stably

Our stone crushing system is the most widely installed and trusted system for our company. Our two stage crushers are installed on some of the largest grizzly and gyratory crusher pockets. The stone crusher range covers all applications from medium duty up to extra heavy duty, including booms capable of reaching up to approximately 20m whilst supporting the world’s most powerful hammers weighing around 7t.

Two Stage Crusher

Due to the development of construction industry, the demand of aggregates is also increasing year by year. As for the development of crushing equipment market, its overall demand is in a rising trend. The crushing equipment will still move in a good momentum of development, Hongxing double stage crusher is very popular in some large cement plants, which has wide application ranges. two stage crusher is mainly used for the crushing of brittle materials such as limestone, which has won excellent reputation in the market. It is a good momentum which has prompted the continuous research and innovation, but the opportunities and challenges can coexist in the market development, which is not complacent.

You can suitably increase feeding grain size of materials into mineral double stage crusher, for example, filter materials below a certain size with sieve, which makes impactor equipment receive greater impact stress in initial period of crushing materials and form enough work hardening layers so that increase abrasion resistance.

In addition, we can also dry materials before entering mineral two stage crusher to reduce the moisture it contains, which helps increase its hardness coefficient, increase work pressure on the hammer and contribute to form work-hardening layer.

Introduction to the Strength of Hongxing Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher can crush materials with maximum particle size of 600-1800mm to particles of 25mm or below. The main working part of the crusher is the rotor with the hammerhead which is made up of the main shaft, round disk, pin roll and the hammerhead.

Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is a standard crushing machine. Because of the advantages of stable performance and the small size, it is loved by major of the users. It also breaks the monopoly situation of the foreign machine in domestic crushing industry. After decades of transformation, the function of hammer crusher is better than before. Hammer crusher is composed of the main body, coping, rotor, screening board and the adjustment device. The electric motor drives the rotation of the rotor. The rotor is composed of the main axis, end place and other parts. The electric motor drives the rotor do high speed rotation to crush the material. The main body is composed of the upper and lower case, crushing board, screening board and other parts. The crushing board and screening board are fixed on the pallet. The pallet is installed in the inner wall of the casing to prevent the worn of the chassis. The crushing chamber is composed of the crushing board, screening plant, impact board and the rotor. The adjustment device is composed of the worm, turbines, pointers, and other parts. It is mainly used for the adjustment between the rotor and the screening board.

Jaw Crusher Hongxing Machinery production professional pebble crusher equipment. Day-to-day production of the single section hammer crusher operation and maintenance and repair methods. Hydraulic cone crusher mineral mechanical hammer crusher plant single-stage hammer crusher operation maintenance and repair of single-stage hammer crusher is widely used in cement, ceramics, glass, artificial sand and gravel, coal, and nonmetal mines, and a new green building materials industries.

With the development of society and low-carbon economy, people puts forward higher requirements on mining machinery equipment. Environmentally friendly, intelligent and convenient mining equipment will be the future development directions of mining machinery industry. In order to keep up with the development trends of the times and satisfy current marker demand, crusher manufacturers continuously improve production technology and structural performance of mining equipment, which have successfully launched a serious of new equipment which is of advanced technology and satisfies development needs of market. Hongxing single-stage hammer crusher is based on years of marketing research. It uses the most advanced technology in the world. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy operation. Compare with the similar products, this machine can efficiently save the invest cost. Hammer crusher is the main force of the rural road modifications.

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A New Model of Cone Crusher with High Production Level

The increase of demand for stone and sand is an irreversible trend, and the demand of artificial sand increases with it. Sand making machine is the professional sand making equipment. Only with the help of other mining machinery equipments can sand making machine works efficiently. The cone crusher is the best partner of sand making machine in sand making. The new cone crushers are full of advantages compared with other machines, For example, it features high reduction ratio, well distributed material particles, few powder materials and low energy consumption. The security oil tank, drop locking tank and hydraulic pushing tank are added to the cone crusher in order to guarantee the operation safety.

Cone Crusher

In order to improve the production capacity and crushing efficiency, Hongxing has developed a new cone crusher with high performance by introducing the latest German technology and this cone crusher has the world advanced level. The perfect combination of crushing speed, stroke and the design of crushing chamber enlarges its application range, so that it is suitable for all kinds of crushing process including medium crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing.

The operating life of the crushing chamber, the most frequently replaced component, is extended by increasing the durability of the mantle and concave that form the crushing chamber. Furthermore, the number of consumable parts was reduced by rearranging the position of head nuts used to anchor the mantle onto the rotating shaft.

Compared with the traditional crushing plant , cone crusher crushing equipment as materials processing has broken, fine granularity than large and uniform, low power consumption, the advantages can be broken any hardness brittle materials , is an ideal energy-saving ultra-fine crushing equipment.

Hongxing cone crusher is usually used in secondary crushing, tertiary crushing, standard type generally used for Coarse crushing and the short head type is used in finely pided; Hongxing cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard and medium hard ore and rock, etc. such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc.

rock cone crusher:

Cone Crusher Is the First Choice for Crushing Hard Raw Materials

According to Hongxing Machinery the world’s largest cone crushers require seriously innovative thinking as well as the advanced technology to make sure the solution help the project fullest. The cone crushers will treat a portion of the ore feeding the stockpile, crushing the top size to below 40 millimetres. They will operate as an important part of the secondary crushing circuit to maintain mill throughput by offseting the harder ores found in the deeper section of the put.

Cone crusher

Some of the refinements that are implemented into the Hongxing product line include a new hybrid cast base frame design, the ‘MILO’ automated control system, a new patented liner retention system, patented thread locking ring, anti-spin cone brake, and other additional evolutionary refinements. Our cone crushers produce a large quantity of the required grain size. The specially designed crushing chamber produces 80% or more of crushed product that is smaller than the discharge opening of the crusher.

Moreover, the cone crusher can break raw materials to small stones no matter how hard they are. If we use the impact crusher, both impact crusher and sand making machine will be worn heavily. As a domestic leader in mining machinery, Hongxing has always insisted on the path of sustainable development, and actively carried out energy reduction rule and promoted the independent innovation.

The cone crusher is widely used to process hard lime stone, ceramics, granite, quartz stone, tortoise stone, cobbles and metallurgy waste residues in the industries of hydroelectric, building materials, highway and city construction. Our advanced cone crusher is specialized in features of energy conservation and environment protection as well as application of the wear-resistant materials and unique sealing design.

symons cone crusher:

New Double Stage Crusher of Advanced Technology

Our core products include stone crushers include two stage crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher etc, ball mills, feeders, ore preparation systems, and general materials handling projects. Hongxing company is one of the world’s largest designers and suppliers of stone crushers, bulk material handling, processing and storage equipment for the mining and minerals processing industries.

Double Stage Crusher

Double stage crusher is suitable for crushing various brittle materials with less than 150MPa compressive strength, such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, argillaceous siltstone, limestone and clay mixture. Its unique advantage is that it can crush large ores into the required granularity, so as to replace the traditional double stage crushing equipment, thus simplifying the process and saving the production cost for customers. Because this series of crusher is the special crusher in the cement production, its cement market demand also has vigorous development situation. There are many crusher brands in the market, which is also increasing year by year, so customer has some concerns in the selection of crushing equipment. Hongxing double stage crusher is suitable for crushing limestone (marl) mixture and clayey, which also can be used for coal crushing. Double stage crusher is mainly used in cement production and large aggregate production project. Because its wearing parts adopt the most advanced technology, which is recognized by customers in the crushing equipment market.

In working process, rock double stage crusher strikes mineral ores relying on high-speed operation of the hammer until they are crushed to be required particle size. However, hammer of rock two stage crusher is easily worn, which is to a great extent caused by low abrasion resistance, thereby affecting productivity of impactor equipment. So, to improve abrasion resistance of rock the crusher hammer is of great importance.