11 Stunning Serving Boards to Elevate Your Charcuterie

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I consciousness blessed to unrecorded successful the epoch of the grazing board. Nothing warms the psyche rather similar the show of fruits, jams, nuts, crackers, and cured meats arranged conscionable so. But adjacent the astir stunning cheeseboard would beryllium thing without the cleanable serving committee virtually backing them up. When it comes to setting a table and displaying a dispersed that’s definite to wow your guests, thing does it rather similar these 11 champion serving boards.

Ahead, we gathered 10 of the precise champion serving boards disposable now, from slate-black beauties to suit a modern charcuterie person to rustic slabs that look similar heirlooms. We’ve besides included a fewer boards that could easy treble arsenic a show portion erstwhile you’re not entertaining.

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Fall charcuterie board.

How to Create a Killer Charcuterie Board

Before we dive heavy into the champion serving boards, we’re blessed to stock the charcuterie-creating contented we’ve garnered implicit the years. In request of a beginner-friendly vacation charcuterie board? We person a usher for that. We besides person top-tier tips for a fall grazing board, a committee that has baked Brie arsenic its centerpiece, and for however to marque a charcuterie committee connected a budget. Want to impressment Italian relatives oregon in-laws? Chef Erind Halilaj, Austinite and bonafide Italiano, can assistance with that. Don’t worry—we person you, and your board, covered.

The Best Serving Boards of 2023 for Every Style

In summation to style, value was different information (we similar our boards connected the heavier side), arsenic was the prime of the worldly utilized (fancy food deserves the best).

Every merchandise is curated with attraction by our editors and we’ll ever springiness an honorable opinion, whether talented oregon purchased ourselves. If you bargain thing done our links, we whitethorn gain a tiny committee astatine nary outgo to you.

The Best Classic Board: Casa Zuma Gathering Board

Handmade successful Seattle from oak wood, this hardworking committee (available successful 2 sizes) clocks successful astatine 1 inch thick, making it supremely durable and satisfyingly heavy. When it’s not hosting a spread, it besides doubles arsenic a stylish show piece.

The Best Artistic Board: Berea College Intersections Charcuterie Board

Handmade with earthy wood by crafts programme students astatine Berea College, each board, sold exclusively astatine Design Within Reach, is genuinely a enactment of art. 

The Best Black Board: Crate & Barrel Tondo Ebonized Rectangle Serving Board

For modern food lovers, thing ups the serving sexiness origin rather similar a slate-back committee made of ebonized acacia.

The Best Serving Board for Picnics: Serena & Lily Beachside Serving Board

Whitewashed mango wood, a charming dip-dye finish, and a utile leather grip let this serving committee to treble arsenic a decorative accent erstwhile it’s not astatine picnics connected the beach.

The Best Melamine Board: Le Cadeaux Cheese Board

Le Cadeaux’s stylish dinnerware looks and feels similar ceramics sourced from travels astir the Mediterranean, but that’s the magic. The beauteous works are really made of sturdy—and practically unbreakable—melamine.

The Best Reclaimed Wood Board: Casa Zuma Harvester Board

For a much patina’d look, this chiseled committee uses thoughtfully-sourced mango wood, an incredibly beardown worldly that conscionable gets amended with property (and the occasional jam stain).

The Most Whimsical Board: Areaware Serving Friends Board

For a much playful attack to serving, this beech wood cutie has a small, circular indented halfway that’s cleanable for a ramekin.

The Most Utilitarian Board: Casa Zuma Mango Wood Serving Platter

Charcuterie oregon not—you’ll privation to person this handsome coagulated mango serving committee everlastingly connected display. Thankfully, the platter’s raised edges marque it a cleanable catchall to support connected the counter.

The Best Olivewood Board: Sur La Table Italian Olivewood Slice Serving Board

This rustic committee made with luxurious olivewood looks similar it’s been passed down for generations.

The Best Glass Serving Board: Pottery Barn Slab Glass Cheese Board

We emotion however earthy and earthy the recycled slab solid looks—a slick subversion of the emblematic wood charcuterie board. Clocking successful astatine 8 pounds, it’s a important piece, but it lets your nutrient and tablescape shine.

The Best Oversized Board: Casa Zuma Large Vintage Wood Board

A large serving committee is simply a coagulated inheritance player, but Casa Zuma’s postulation of oversized vintage boards bid halfway stage. Thoughtfully collected crossed the European countryside (some are much than a period old), each committee is simply a one-of-a-kind quality with a communicative you’ll lend to.