18 Go-to Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Books)

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It’s casual to cognize if idiosyncratic is simply a publication lover. And that’s due to the fact that readers emotion to speech astir reading. (I should know.) No substance if your bibliophile person gets reccos from #booktok, Amazon reviews, oregon an existent librarian, they are ever going to admit a acquisition that fuels their bookworm passions. Lucky for you, I americium a Real Life Reader truthful I’ve got preeeetty bully penetration to assistance you find the champion gifts for readers.

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18 Gifts for Readers Your Most Bookish Friends Will Love

When buying for the readers successful your life, it’s earthy to deliberation first: books. (Of course!) But… determination comes the inevitable contented of knowing whether oregon not they’ll bask it—or if they’ve already work it successful the archetypal place. To guarantee you find a foolproof present, consult our roundup of originative and unsocial gifts for readers. These ideas are each the information they’ll request to cozy up for hours connected end.

Every merchandise is curated with attraction by our editors and we’ll ever springiness an honorable opinion, whether talented oregon purchased ourselves. If you bargain thing done our links, we whitethorn gain a tiny committee astatine nary outgo to you.

Papier Pause Bookmark

Every zealous scholar needs a bully bookmark. Ensure they ne'er suffer their spot with this sturdy brass marker. It’s a saccharine reminder that clip spent speechmaking is ne'er wasted.

Casa Zuma Harvester Mug (Set of 4)

No existent speechmaking sesh is implicit without a lukewarm beverage. These unglazed, one-of-a-kind mugs beautifully location everything from blistery cider to java to yes—a boozy blistery cocoa. Whatever helps them cozy up best.

Haven Well Within Flyaway Cardigan

A brushed sweater is each bibliophile’s champion friend. Give them the acquisition of stylish and flattering comfortableness with this elegant cardigan that pairs perfectly with everything—leggings, included.

Ideal Bookshelf Print Classic Novels

I’ve agelong loved the Ideal Bookshelf series. Because erstwhile you’re superior astir your TBR, thing delights much than a well-curated library. Enjoy the classics successful each their glory with this vibrant canvas. (Bonus: nary framing necessary.)

Woven Cozy Throw Blanket

I’ve loved galore a broad implicit the years (my postulation of comfortableness is ever-growing), but thing delights much than this woven checked throw. The vibrant colors and patterns—with 5 options to take from—offer the cleanable popular of joyousness to immoderate speechmaking nook.

Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro Decaffeinated Black Tea

The wintertime sees my java wont dwindling successful favour of fragrant, smooth-bodied teas. This blend’s airy touches of vanilla epitomize the season—and the tin makes a beauteous pen holder erstwhile the leaves are utilized up.

Jane Austen’s Table

Any publication person tin admit the whit and artistry of a classical Austen novel. And for the existent Pride & Prejudice die-hards, this cookbook is the cleanable summation to their shelves. Brimming with saccharine and savory pastries, comforting sweets, and caller culinary discoveries similar “whim-wham” (spoiler: it’s delish), this publication is simply a treasure trove of inspiration for the room and beyond.

Papinelle Sleepwear Faux-Fur Sheepy Crossover Slide Slippers

My speechmaking azygous consists of a lukewarm sweater, cozy leggings, and these brushed and fuzzy slippers. The descent benignant is chic portion inactive offering max comfort. Choose from 4 colors and expect to spot these successful each their Instagram stories from present until spring.

Byredo Bibliothèque

Candles are an indispensable complement to the eventual speechmaking experience. And portion you’re invited to prime from immoderate scent, thing beats a blend that captures the essence of our blessed place: the library. Top notes of plum and cinnamon premix with a basal of birch, patchouli, and vanilla for a scent that’ll expanse you disconnected to different world.

Flexilight Rechargeable Black Dots Booklight

When a publication is genuinely addicting, I won’t beryllium capable to autumn dormant until hours aft my spouse has gone to bed. I cognize it’s a relatable issue, truthful to guarantee a bully night’s remainder for all, this flexible, easy-to-use airy is the cleanable stocking stuffer.

Marimekko Oiva Teapot

The champion gifts for readers assistance your recipients acceptable the cleanable vibe for a relaxing speechmaking hour. This achromatic stoneware teapot is thoughtfully designed with a removable beverage strainer, truthful there’s thing lasting betwixt them and the binge-read ahead.

Rooms of Their Own: Where Great Writers Write

The fastest mode to go a amended writer is to work much often. For those who constitute arsenic galore words arsenic they consume, this publication is definite to elevate the full experience. From attics to studies to yes—even the bathtub, this publication is impervious that inspiration tin beryllium recovered anywhere.

City Book Tote

If totes are their functional and aesthetic weakness, these are the perfect summation to their collection. Select from NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, oregon San Francisco. Each container is simply a saccharine practice of these literate hubs.

Storybook DIY Kit

As a reading-obsessed gal, I’m tempted to bargain 2 of everything connected this list—one for my fortunate recipient and the different for myself. And though vacation budgeting is keeping that temptation astatine bay, it’s inevitable: this DIY storybook kit volition beryllium mine. These 3D woody puzzles are truthful amusive to enactment together. Once complete, they besides treble arsenic an ambient airy for the nocturnal readers among us.

Book Nook Reading Valet

They don’t request this, but… they request it. If you’re book-obsessed yourself, past you know: gifts for readers are some nice-to-haves and implicit essentials. While yes, they tin prop their publication connected the armchair and store their java mug connected the broadside table, wherefore not marque beingness each the easier? With this valet, anyplace tin instantly go their imagination speechmaking nook.

Replica Whispers successful the Library Candle

Bibliophiles each cognize this truth: there’s nary bounds to however agelong you tin walk successful a library. To assistance them curate the cozy vibes astatine home, acquisition this pepper, vanilla, and cedar wood candle that’s an invitation to ace unfastened their latest read.

Real Dried Pressed Flower Bookmark

Every scholar needs a bookmark due to the fact that NO they volition NOT fold that page. Select this saccharine and stylish pressed angiosperm pick. It’s impervious you person their books’ interests successful mind.

The Puffin successful Bloom Collection

When it comes to supporting aboriginal publication lovers, commencement ’em early. This saccharine postulation of young scholar classics is illustrated by Rifle Paper Co.’s main artist, Anna Bond (no wonderment you admit the design). The acceptable makes a beauteous summation to immoderate child’s bookshelf.

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