18 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas—And They’re All Under $50

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The stocking stuffer class gets a atrocious rap. It tin consciousness similar an afterthought; a spot for mindless gifting overflow. Personally, it’s wherever sensible presents similar socks oregon gum came into play increasing up. But I’d reason that, erstwhile done well, holiday stockings could beryllium the astir breathtaking gifting infinitesimal of them all. For assistance turning your stocking into an arsenal of thoughtful gifts, I’ve gathered the implicit champion stocking stuffer ideas to support things interesting. 

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Stockings hung implicit    fireplace.

18 Stocking Stuffer Ideas They’ll Love to Receive

Every merchandise is curated with attraction by our editors and we’ll ever springiness an honorable opinion, whether talented oregon purchased ourselves. If you bargain thing done our links, we whitethorn gain a tiny committee astatine nary outgo to you.

Casa Zuma Small Salt Spoons

Casa Zuma’s thoughtful pieces elevate the everyday. And if your giftee’s each time includes brackish oregon nuts (as each bully days should), these cleanable small spoons volition regularly uplift.  

Fishwife x Fly By Jing’s Smoked Salmon Trio

Fishwife’s ethically sourced seafood and Jing’s 100% all-natural Sichuan chili sauce—a combo slayer capable to person the biggest canned food skeptic.

JBL Clip 3

This petite talker packs a sonic punch (thousands of 5-star reviews confirm).

MoMA History of Art Coasters

For the art-lover with a precious java array to protect.

FinaMill Spice Grinder

This nifty small grinder is battery-operated, casual to refill, and an implicit joyousness to use.

U Brands Ballpoint Pens, Set of 6

This acceptable of ballpoint beauties is guaranteed to spark joy.

Casa Zuma Solstice Mug

The bully folks astatine Los Angeles Clay Company cognize however to hand-throw a cupful that fits your manus similar a glove. Their exclusive stoneware mugs for Casa Zuma are inspired by Japanese simplicity and hand-dipped successful glaze to guarantee each 1 is unique.

Kotn Crew Socks

Did I allude successful my intro that I deliberation socks are a boring gift? Yes. But these are Kotn socks. They’re padded and made of Egyptian cotton. These socks are exciting. Trust me.

Joyce Chen Unlimited Yellow Kitchen Scissors, Set of 2

Much similar the socks above, these aren’t regular scissors… these scissors are “unlimited.” Use them to prep food, chopped chickenhearted bones, oregon adjacent snip immoderate insubstantial if you truthful choose. The champion portion is they’re dishwasher safe.

Lost Pattern x Leatherology Silk Twilly Scarf

You ne'er cognize erstwhile you’re going to request a perfectly chic, perfectly silky scarf to implicit an outfit. Gift them the cleanable 1 from Leatherology and sustainable silk marque Lost Pattern NYC.

Super Smalls Jungle Jeweled Gloves

These cozy, bejeweled gloves are tailor-made for the small Zsa Zsa Gabor successful your life.

Anthropologie Metal Bookmark Metal Bookmark

Bookish friends and charming, whimsical knick-knacks simply spell manus successful hand. We don’t marque the rules.

Tuitionua Silicone Powerful Vibrating Massager

Perhaps not the best acquisition if children are contiguous for a stocking unpacking, but cleanable for spicing things up betwixt the socks and Starbucks cards.

Casa Zuma Baseball Cap

Sure, we’re a small biased, but arsenic longtime devotees of high-quality shot caps that are *actually* flattering, we basal firmly down this integrated fabric canvas beauty.

Kendra Scott Merrick Chain Necklace successful Gold

It’s hard to springiness jewelry that suits everyone’s style, but Kendra Scott’s golden and sterling metallic concatenation necklace is simply a existent gifting unicorn.

Pacifica Vegan Ceramide Hydration Fill Undereye & Smile Line Jelly Patches

When successful doubt, a skincare-obsessed stocking holder volition virtually ever beryllium blessed to spot expanse masks and oculus patches.

Thread There’s Snow Cosmetic Gift Set

For the tweens successful your beingness who crave a small sparkle and privation to get originative with their look. This shimmer acceptable includes a multi-stick, articulator gloss, and look and assemblage gems for a small shine. They’ll emotion the saccharine scents—and you’ll emotion supporting an inclusive, black-owned marque that encourages everyone to clasp their unsocial look.

The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game

Card games are an casual yes erstwhile it comes to stocking stuffer ideas. This crippled is casual to larn and guarantees laughs. Put successful your partner’s oregon teenager’s stockings and get acceptable to level up your household crippled nights.