20+ Essential Items to Have in a Utility Drawer

  • 01 Nov 2021 05:51
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The kitchen drawer stores a number of different things you need in the house. But, there are instances when this utility drawer ends up being the place where you store junk. It may be time to clean it up if you see many things you may not need inside the drawer. You should use it to store things useful in the house.

A good drawer should have items that range from small ones to large items. So, you should get some divider trays. The next things to get are small containers like Altoid tins. These allow you to store small items. You can also get a label printer to keep everything inside the drawer organized. But, a pen and some masking tape will do. You can also use old muffin containers, empty tuna cans, or ice cube trays to keep everything in order

After these preparations, you can store the following items.

1. A Flashlight

A flashlight is an essential item you should have in a utility drawer. It does not have to be a big one. Last Christmas, we received a small yet powerful LED flashlight. It does not take up much room, but it does a good job in lighting up places.

2. Some Batteries

The utility drawer should have a collection of batteries of different sizes. You never know which one you will need at certain times.

3. A Barbeque Lighter

A barbeque lighter is not only useful for backyard get-togethers. I use one for lighting candles, our gas stove, and outdoor fireplace. It is the first thing I get whenever the power goes down.

4. A Tape Measure

Our drawer has a flexible tape measure and a retractable tape measure. We also have a paper tape as a freebie from Ikea. These are very handy to have in the utility drawer.

5. Some Band-Aids

Storing band-aids in the kitchen is more practical than having them in the bathroom. You may need one if you accidentally cut yourself. Storing different types of band-aids in the utility drawer is a good idea.

6. Some Safety Pins

Whenever you experience a wardrobe malfunction, a safety pin is the fastest way to deal with it. Your utility drawer should have a variety of safety pins.

7. A Sewing Kit

You will never know if you need to deal with a hem that suddenly comes out or a lost button. A zippered sewing kit allows you to have everything you need in one place.

8. An Eyeglass Repair Kit

One of the members of the family may wear glasses. So, you should have an eyeglass repair kit stored inside the drawer. You can also bring the kit when you go on a vacation.

9. Strings or Twines

Food-safe cooking twines are good to have in the utility drawer. You can tie a string on a plumb-bob to make a straight edge you can use for hanging wallpaper. A string is something you would not think about until you will need it.

10. A Mini-Hammer

We always have a mini-hammer in the drawer. It can be used to pound meat, hang pictures, or crack nuts. Kids can also use them when they want to lend a hand.

11. Pair of Pliers

A toolbox should contain a large-size pair of pliers. But, a smaller pair is also useful to have inside your utility drawer.

12. Some Duct Tape

We use duct tape to deal with pet hair. There are also many other uses of duct tape.

13. A Deck of Cards

When I learned how to play Texas Hold ’Em, I found out it was a great and fun way to kill time. A deck of cards is useful to have in the drawer. When the power goes up, you can light votive candles and play cards.

14. Some Matches

The utility drawer should have stick matches and book matches. Book matches may not work if the area you live in has high humidity. Store these matches inside a plastic bag.

15. A Screwdriver

A screwdriver is an important tool to have inside the utility drawer. A ratcheting screwdriver is great due to its multiple bits.

16. A Utility Knife

A utility knife is a practical item to have inside the drawer. They are also called box cutters or X-acto knives. These will let you avoid being tempted to use a kitchen knife when you open a box delivered to the house.

17. Some Votive Candles

While I am not really a candle enthusiast, votive candles are great to have whenever there is a blackout. Aside from being inexpensive, they also come in unscented options. While I have flameless candles, they last for a short period of time. So, a real candle is more practical whenever disasters happen.

18. Some Takeout Menus

Takeout menus are good to have inside the utility drawer. They make it easy for you to order takeout whenever you feel the need to have Chinese food or some pizza at hope. We use a manila folder to store our takeout menus.

19. A Pair of Tweezers

A pair of tweezers is useful when you have to deal with fish bones or thorns on the paw of your dog.

20. A Nail File

While inexpensive emery boards are good enough, crystal nail files are better. They are available in cases. This makes them easy to find.

22. Some Rubber Bands

It is sensible to have rubber bands inside the utility drawer. You may have to store an opened bag of frozen peas. The rubber band can seal them and allow you to store them in the freezer. Rubbers bands should be kept inside Ziploc bags to keep them organized. It also protects them from humidity and allows them to last longer.

23. Some Pencils and Pens

Pencils and pens are inexpensive and useful to have inside the utility drawer.

24. Some Thumb Tacks

Since I use bulletin boards a lot, I keep some thumb tacks in the house. Push pins are recommended since they are easy to remove from the cork board.

25. Some Tape

Tape is something you really need to store inside the utility drawer.

26. Some Chip Clips

Chip clips allow you to ensure bags of chips, cereals, and crackers remain crispy. Binder clips are the best since they can clamp better compared to clothespin-style clips. They also do not take up much space.

27. Some Glue

Our utility drawer has both Elmer’s Glue and Super Glue. They are used regularly.

You can get some inspiration on pictures of people who were not successful in keeping their utility drawers organized. So, you should work on keeping everything inside the utility drawer in order.

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