7 Cooking Hacks to Help You Actually Enjoy Hosting

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My clip successful the room is precious. In an effort to romanticize each country of my life, I punctual myself that it’s the little, repeated actions that are often our top opportunities for joy. Don’t get maine wrong—with mundane busyness and hectic schedules, prepping meals tin easy autumn to the extremity of our to-do lists. And you mightiness beryllium tempted to ask: who adjacent has clip for hosting?! But with the holidays accelerated approaching, we’re each for making things a small easier connected ourselves to stitchery with those we love. So today, we’re sharing our all-time champion cooking hacks. They’re 100% foolproof and guaranteed to marque cooking for a crowd—and hosting for the holidays—an implicit breeze.

We’ll footwear things disconnected with the eventual cooking hack: good, reliable cookware and tools you tin usage for years of memorable meals. We’re obsessed with Target’s caller brand, Figmint—and it’s the existent leader of today’s post. Every portion is designed to assistance you person much amusive successful the kitchen. (And it doesn’t wounded that the postulation makes for stunning societal content—in lawsuit you privation to amusement disconnected your room prowess.)

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7 Cooking Hacks to Help You Have More Fun successful the Kitchen

Ready to marque repast prep a breeze? Our cooking hacks and room secrets abound. When it comes to hosting (and adjacent getting a weeknight repast connected the table), we person each the inspiration you request to guarantee your room rituals spark joy.

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Meal prep containers.

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Target repast  prep containers.

1. Meal Prep arsenic Much arsenic Possible

Meal prepping is possibly the oldest cooking hack successful the book. But hello… if ain’t broke, don’t hole it! Especially erstwhile you’re hosting, effort to bash the bulk of enactment successful advance. To guarantee you get to bask the enactment arsenic well—and that you’re not overwhelmed erstwhile guests arrive—identify the tasks that tin beryllium done up of time.

This is my favourite cooking hack from her catering days. In the days earlier your party, inquire yourself, “What tin I bash present that volition prevention clip later?” This could look like:

  • Roasting veggies beforehand.
  • Composing a paper of dishes that tin beryllium made a time oregon 2 successful advance. (Grain salads, soups, etc.)
  • Serving the repast arsenic a buffet to streamline your table setup.
  • Opting for a store-bought dessert oregon making cooky dough to beryllium baked arsenic guests arrive.

Steal Camille’s trick: In request of immoderate look inspo? These are my favourite make-ahead dishes for hosting:

Holiday Jewels Chopped Kale Salad

Roast Chicken With Tomatoes, Lemons, & Cilantro Salsa Verde

Sweet & Spicy Braised Short Ribs

Easy Homemade Pizza

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Mandoline cooking hack.

2. Work Smarter With a Mandoline

Raise your manus if chopping veggies is your slightest favourite room task. It tin instrumentality up truthful overmuch time, but thankfully, there’s an casual cooking hack to streamline the process. I’m partial to this handheld mandoline from Target. It not lone makes chopping truthful overmuch faster, but your veggies look elevated arsenic well. Think: bladed cucumber slices for salads, apples for your best-ever crisp, and adjacent saccharine murphy chips for an aesthetic appetizer.

Steal Camille’s trick: Simply set the thickness to suit immoderate you’re slicing. The mandoline’s nutrient usher helps support your fingers distant from the leaf (so key). I’m tempted to accidental this mightiness beryllium 1 of my favourite room tools—everyone needs it successful the cooking arsenal.

3. Place a Towel Under Your Cutting Board

I’m terrified to deliberation of each the adjacent calls I’ve had with my cutting committee slipping around. Yikes. Ready for a mind-blowing cooking hack? Simply bedewed a dishtowel and descent it nether your cutting board. Everything stays wherever it should and you tin proceed with your worry-free chopping. Keep this cooking hack successful your backmost pouch for future, mind-at-ease use.

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I’m ever shocked to perceive however fewer radical ain a multi-purpose scraper. (If that’s you, adhd to cart immediately.) Chefs emotion them due to the fact that they marque truthful galore tasks easier and faster. You tin level disconnected ingredients successful measuring cups and spoons, portion bread, region scraps from your cutting board, etc. The database is honestly endless.

Steal Camille’s trick: My favourite usage is to rapidly chop up my caller herbs and descent them close into the bowl. This would besides marque the cleanable acquisition for the hostess oregon room enthusiast successful your life.

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Camille Styles salad.

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MIse en spot  target.

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Camille Styles kale salad.

5. Say Yes to Mise en Place

This is different cooking hack I emotion stealing from professionals. “Mise en place” simply means arranging your ingredients—often prepped, measured, and portioned out—to streamline the cooking process itself. It’s different accidental to bash immoderate enactment successful advance. That way, you tin simply drawback and spell erstwhile the clip comes to enactment it each together.

Steal Camille’s trick: One happening I emotion to bash is measurement retired each my ingredients earlier I commencement cooking. Then, I corral the ingredients for each look I’m making connected expanse pans to assistance maine enactment organized and support my mise en spot for each crockery separated.

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Fall simmer pot.

6. Turn Your Scraps Into Scents

I utilized to bemoan the trouble of composting successful the city. That was until I caught upwind of an astonishing up-cycling cooking hack. When you’re baking thing saccharine this vacation season, prevention your scraps. Making pie? Save your pome cores. Orange lb cake? Stash your citrus peels. When you person capable gathered up, it’s clip to marque a simmer pot. And spot me: adjacent the coziness of your favourite candle can’t compare.

Steal Camille’s trick: When I’m hosting, I emotion to marque my location odor amazing. Instead of tossing my pome cores and orangish peels, I simmer them successful blistery h2o with cinnamon sticks and spices. The full location instantly smells similar fall. This is cleanable for holidays oregon immoderate benignant of cozy get-togethers. 

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IYKYK: Nothing beats the excitement of whipping up your tried-and-true vacation cookies. When it comes to leaning into the season, there’s genuinely thing amended than putting connected your cozy apparel (slippers, a fave sweater, and the comfiest sweats) and going to town. But we get it… erstwhile you’re whipping up dozens of cookies, a messiness seems inevitable. Thankfully, muffin tins marque it casual to support each your toppings straight.

Steal Camille’s trick: For sprinkles, sparkling sugar, candies, and more, I emotion utilizing a muffin tin to marque speedy enactment of clean-up. Simply information retired your decorations into each of the tins. Bonus: All the colors and hues volition look truthful beauteous corralled together.

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