Amy Duggar Slammed For Creating Instagram Page For Four-Year-Old Son: Stop Exploiting …

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Amy Duggar has go thing of a divisive fig successful the Duggar-obsessed corners of the net caller years.

There are those who spot her arsenic a bold crusader for information and justice, warring alongside her whistleblowing cousins Jill and Jinger Duggar to exposure the information astir the abusive household that raised them.

And past determination are those who deliberation that Amy is simply an opportunist who’s latched onto her cousins’ coattails arsenic she attempts to physique a palmy vocation for herself arsenic an influencer and media figure.

That group’s statement was bolstered this week by Amy’s baffling determination to motorboat an Instagram leafage for her four-year-old son, Daxton.

Amy Duggar poses with her blessed family. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Amy announced the determination successful an Instagram Story posted to her ain page.

She made definite to explicate that the determination was wholly Daxton’s.

“He wants to commencement doing artifact reviews and sharing our adventures,” Amy wrote.

“So if you’d similar to travel he’d emotion that!”

An Instagram screenshot successful  which Amy Duggar announces that she's created an Instagram leafage   for her son.Amy Duggar announced this week that she’s created an Instagram leafage for her four-year-old son. (Instagram)

It sounds guiltless enough, and possibly it is.

But it’s hard not to spot the irony successful Amy’s announcement.

After all, this is simply a pistillate who’s attempting to marque a sanction for herself by speaking retired against kid exploitation.

She’s repeatedly bashed her Uncle Jim Bob for forcing his kids into the spotlight successful bid to beforehand his ain career.

Jim Bob Duggar appears connected  signifier    astatine  the Value Voters Summit.Jim Bob Duggar speaks astatine the Values Voter Summit successful Washington, DC. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Not surprisingly, galore were speedy to telephone Amy retired for her hypocrisy.

Some Reddit users adjacent went truthful acold arsenic to impeach the 35-year-old of exploiting Daxton.



“Exploiting her child, that’s the Duggar Way! Grandma Mary would beryllium truthful proud,” wrote 1 redditor.

Amy Duggar poses with her son, Daxton, successful  October of 2023.Amy Duggar poses with her son, Daxton, successful October of 2023. (Instagram)

“Famy, you are not a kid advocate, and pimping retired your kid ala Boob is close up your alley,” different wrote.

(“Famy” is simply a derisive nickname utilized to mock Amy for her alleged obsession with the spotlight.)

“She acts similar she’s truthful overmuch amended than [Jim Bob] and them. Maybe successful different senses but astatine the extremity of the time she’s inactive exploiting her kid. Gross,” a 3rd chimed in.

Needless to say, the effect to Amy’s latest societal media task has not been overwhelmingly positive.

Amy Duggar speaks to the camera successful  an Instagram Story posted successful  November of 2023.Amy Duggar speaks to the camera successful an Instagram Story posted successful November of 2023. (Instagram)

But either she hasn’t noticed, oregon she doesn’t attraction due to the fact that Dax’s artifact reappraisal leafage is inactive live.

Look, it’s wholly imaginable that Amy went into this with the champion of intentions and the archetypal thought was each her son’s.

But arsenic galore person pointed out, societal media is simply not a harmless spot for young children, particularly ones who, done nary responsibility of their own. are associated with a fig of controversies and scandals.

Maybe Amy should’ve conscionable filmed Dax doing his artifact reviews and past kept the footage for herself.