Audrey Roloff: PREGNANT with Baby #4!!!!!!!

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The concealed is out.

Because Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff tin nary longer support their excitement in.

On Monday morning, the erstwhile Little People, Big World stars confirmed that they’re expanding their own small portion of the world… jointly announcing that Audrey is large with the couple’s 4th child.

They did truthful via a amusive video that features girl Ember, 6; lad Bode, 3; and lad Radley, 1.

Audrey Roloff large   picAudrey Roloff and her household utilized this photograph to corroborate babe #4 is connected the way. (Instagram)

“Secrets out… Baby #4 is connected the way!!!” the Roloff shared arsenic a caption to this footage.

“We are truthful excited to beryllium increasing our household again and adding different small grommet to our crew!”

In the video, the 3 kids and 2 parents are lasting successful a enactment extracurricular of their farmhouse successful Oregon.

Audrey past whispers the blessed portion of quality successful her husband’s ear… Jeremy yells “yes!!”… and throws his arms successful the air… past picks up his large woman earlier twirling her around.

Roloffs airs  togetherWhat a large household photograph of Audrey, Jeremy Roloff and company. (Instagram)

A amusive crippled of Telephone ensues, with each kid uncovering retired that a 4th babe is connected the mode — and past the video closes with each 5 household members yelling and jumping with enthusiasm.

For a beauteous agelong portion now, Audrey has been unfastened astir her desire to person astatine slightest 1 much child.

“We’ve ne'er enactment a fig connected it,” she told followers astir a twelvemonth agone erstwhile asked if she would person much kids. “But we don’t consciousness similar we’re done.”

We don’t cognize however acold on Audrey is astatine the moment, but she clapped backmost beauteous hard this past August aft immoderate societal media users speculated that she mightiness beryllium pregnant.

Audrey Roloff, Jeremy and familyAudrey Roloff posted this beauteous household photograph successful grant of Father’s Day 2023. (Instagram)

Audrey and Jeremy roseate to fame arsenic formed members connected Little People, Big World.

However, they quit the amusement successful 2018 owed to allegedly contrived storylines and contracts they deemed to beryllium excessively controlling.

Since then, the mates has written a mates of books astir emotion and relationships and precocious announced they would beryllium reviving their podcast.

“OUR PODCAST IS BACK!!!” wrote Audrey connected Instagram successful precocious September.

“With a caller sanction and a batch to stock with you. We person genuinely missed the podcast truthful overmuch during this longer-than-expected hiatus… and it conscionable feels truthful bully and close to beryllium back!

“We mightiness beryllium signaling retired of the chamber we are staying successful my parents location close present and it is highly apt you volition perceive kids coming successful to interrupt america occasionally, but we’re doing it!”

Audrey Roloff with Jeremy RoloffAudrey Roloff shared this photograph successful recognization of her ain day successful 2023. (Instagram)

While Audrey and Jeremy sometimes get dragged for their parenting decisions, they surely look precise dedicated to these important roles.

“Happy Father’s Day to the champion begetter I could ever ideate doing this parenting happening with @jeremyroloff,” wrote Audrey successful June.

A period prior, she wrote online:

“Since becoming parents, we person longed for the days of giving our kids a magical puerility afloat of play, clip successful nature, gathering and creating, moving together, being together, and learning by doing.

“It was a immense bosom down wherefore we wanted spot for our family, and we are truthful grateful to beryllium present successful this season.”