Below Deck Mediterranean Stunner: Natalya Scudder is Outta There!

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We’ve got a world tv shocker, folks.

Following an explosive combat with chap Stew Kyle Viljoen connected the latest occurrence of Below Deck Mediterranean, Natalya Scudder announced connected Monday nighttime that she’s departing Season 8 early.

She delved into her reasons wherefore successful a confessional that aired toward the extremity of the Bravo bid connected November 20.

Natalya Scudder pictureNatalya Scudder stunned the world TV satellite erstwhile she announced successful November 2023 that she was mounting sail from Below Deck Mediterranean. (Bravo)

“I conscionable feels similar Kyle’s highly fake and it’s disappointing due to the fact that I thought we were really bully friends,” Scudder explained aft the pair’s melodramatic showdown successful which Kyle called her a fig of foul-mouthed names.

“I don’t privation to beryllium successful a squad wherever I don’t consciousness valued and I don’t consciousness appreciated and I consciousness similar sh-t.”

Scudder has problems that went beyond this 1 feud, however.

Natalya Scudder connected  BravoNatalya Scudder dishes present connected Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. (Bravo)

Early past month, she hurled immoderate not-so-subtle shadiness astatine main stew Tumi Mhlongo.

“My biggest favored peeve is erstwhile idiosyncratic lets a definite idiosyncratic power their sentiment connected idiosyncratic earlier adjacent gathering them,” Scudder wrote connected societal media, aboriginal taking different evident changeable astatine Tumi arsenic follows:

“My different favored peeve would beryllium ungrateful radical who can’t adjacent accidental convey you for holding bash the fort for 4 days, portion being unit down, portion mounting up a boat, portion moving connected nary sleep.”

Scudder didn’t spell into item successful respect to Tumi (or her failed romance with Bosun Luka Brunton), but she did marque it beauteous wide that plentifulness of factors influenced her prime to locomotion away.

Natalya Scudder connected Below Deck. (Bravo)

“I don’t similar giving up but it’s been specified a sh-t play for me,” Natalya went connected Monday.

“I came connected already confused arsenic f-ck astir my relationship, past I person to woody with the Tumi-nator, the disorder of feelings for Luka, past I person to woody with vile Kyle. I’m conscionable acceptable to propulsion successful the napkin astatine this point.”

To beryllium clear, Kyle did apologize connected the aforementioned episode.


“I volition ne'er retrieve from thing with Kyle,” Scudder said successful her confessional.

“I’ll judge his apology and accidental convey you for coming, but adjacent that was fake. I deliberation his existent colors person truly shown and I don’t privation thing to bash with him.”

Natalya Scudder pictureNatalya Scudder near the Below Deck beingness successful November 2023. (Bravo)

On air, Scudder called Captain Sandy Yawn to the span to connection her resignation past night.

“Besides the idiosyncratic worldly going connected astatine home, there’s besides been worldly going connected wrong the interior,” she said.

“Kyle and Max [Salvador] were having a spot of a combat successful beforehand of everyone. Max was trying to accidental like, ‘I enactment your community, Kyle,’ but Kyle, I think, was intoxicated. I tried to archer Kyle to calm down.

“He turned astir to maine and was conscionable similar I’m a bitchh and nary 1 should ever instrumentality proposal from me, I’m successful the astir f-cked up narration of anyone connected board.

“I thought helium was 1 of my champion friends.”

Sandy replied by saying this was a signifier of bullying and gave Scudder a hug.

“I consciousness the request to get disconnected now,” Natalya told the captain. “I conscionable don’t consciousness bully successful my environment. I consciousness safe, but I conscionable don’t consciousness good.”