Bills OT rips 'disrespectful' Jets after tunnel spat

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  • ESPN News Services

Nov 20, 2023, 08:34 AM ET

Buffalo Bills near tackle Dion Dawkins blasted the New York Jets for having "very disrespectful players" aft his engagement successful a postgame altercation Sunday successful the passageway astatine Highmark Stadium.

Dawkins and New York antiaircraft lineman Micheal Clemons got into a skirmish that carried implicit from immoderate chippy fourth-quarter play during the Bills' 32-6 rout of the Jets. No punches were thrown, but Dawkins took a poke astatine the Jets portion addressing reporters.

"I'm a humble guy," said Dawkins, a seven-year veteran. "I'm not a fan, antheral -- I'm not a instrumentality of the Jets. Very disrespectful players. It's what it is, and erstwhile we tin tally and walk and bushed a squad similar that, cool. Thumbs up."

Dawkins did not elaborate connected his remark that the Jets were disrespectful, saying only: "Ask them."

Clemons did not code reporters aft the game, portion Jets teammate Sauce Gardner said helium was attempting to interruption up the combat successful the tunnel.

"A batch of emotions going into it," Gardner said. "That's it. A batch of emotions -- frustrated. I person nary issues with nary of them. I was trying to resoluteness everything."

Jets cornerback D.J. Reed told ESPN that helium "didn't spot immoderate punches thrown" and that the incidental mostly progressive players trying to interruption up Dawkins and Clemons earlier the concern escalated.

"I don't adjacent cognize what happened, but Clemons was existent huffy astir something," Reed told ESPN. "I'm definite that the subordinate did thing to him that provoked him."

The Bills had the crippled good successful manus successful the 4th fourth erstwhile Dawkins continued blocking Clemons aft the whistle earlier knocking him down and landing connected him. A shoving lucifer ensued, with Dawkins being flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Clemons responded by shoving Dawkins, who fell to the crushed and rolled connected his backmost arsenic players from some teams started pushing each other. Dawkins yet jumped backmost connected his feet and waved to the crowd, which was enjoying Buffalo's 29-6 pb implicit a struggling Jets squad that benched backmost Zach Wilson precocious successful the 3rd quarter.

"It's astir apt anger," Dawkins said, erstwhile asked astir the Jets' frustration. "A small spot of, a lotta spot of emotions. Like, there's a batch of affectional guys implicit there, precise affectional guys. Even their D-line manager -- precise emotional, unmanly. So, precise affectional guy."

Jets antiaircraft enactment manager Aaron Whitecotton has been with the squad since 2021 but besides worked with the Bills from 2017 to 2019, including the past 2 arsenic their adjunct antiaircraft enactment coach. Dawkins was drafted by Buffalo successful 2017 and played for the Bills successful each of Whitecotton's 3 seasons with the team.

Dawkins declined to supply specifics connected wherefore the Jets bothered him during the game, saying it was a lawsuit of "guys conscionable being guys."

"Guys playing with a batch of emotion and a batch of physicality, but conscionable a batch of B.S., man," Dawkins said. "A batch of B.S. Like those guys, it's what it is."

The Bills improved to 6-5 with their much-needed triumph implicit the Jets, who fell to 4-6.

ESPN's Alaina Getzenberg, ESPN's Rich Cimini and The Associated Press contributed to this report.