Black Friday deals aren’t as good as you think. Here’s how to snag even lower prices

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Deep discounts successful  user  electronics

By astir accounts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday committedness immoderate of the lowest prices of the season.

And successful 2023, much radical than ever plan to instrumentality advantage of the five-day shopping event that begins connected Thanksgiving Day and continues done the pursuing Monday, according to the National Retail Federation's yearly survey.

This year, vacation spending during the Thanksgiving week whitethorn deed a grounds arsenic consumers effort to maximize the weekend's sales, a abstracted Deloitte Black Friday-Cyber Monday survey found. 

However, these are not needfully the champion deals of the year, according to Julie Ramhold, a user expert at

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According to WalletHub's holiday buying survey, 35% of items astatine large retailers volition connection nary savings compared to their pre-Black Friday prices.

A abstracted investigation of erstwhile Black Friday income recovered that 98% of the deals were the aforesaid terms oregon cheaper astatine different points during the year. None were cheaper connected Black Friday alone.

Stores effort to tempt you with discounts, but "I don't cognize that Black Friday has the aforesaid level of worth that it did years ago," Ramhold said.

What not to bargain connected Black Friday

Typically, Black Friday is simply a large clip to find rock-bottom prices connected autumn covering — including flannels, denim, boots and accessories — and televisions, similar a Samsung 75" astute TV present connected merchantability for little than $600 astatine Best Buy. 

This year, determination are besides peculiarly bully deals connected smartphones, including Apple's newest iPhone 15, Ramhold found.

With toys, however, it could wage to clasp retired until those items are further discounted aboriginal successful the season. "Unless it's 1 of the hottest toys, which whitethorn merchantability out, you tin hold until December," Ramhold advised.

Exercise equipment, cosmetics, jewelry and bedding thin to beryllium marked down much successful January, portion furnishings and mattress deals are often amended implicit different vacation weekends passim the year, specified arsenic Presidents' Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, Ramhold said.

Some discounts whitethorn person already travel and gone. Promotions crossed a scope of categories, including apparel, appliances and computers, were significantly higher past month than successful 2021 and 2022, information from Adobe Analytics shows.

How to get the lowest prices of the season

A Black Friday merchantability motion successful the cosmetics and fragrance section of the Macy's flagship store successful New York, US, connected Friday, Nov. 25, 2022.

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A price-tracking browser hold specified as CamelCamelCamel or Keepa tin assistance you support an oculus connected terms changes and alert you erstwhile a terms drops. Honey volition alert you to little prices elsewhere and scan for applicable coupon codes.

Consumer-savings adept Andrea Woroch recommends stacking discounts, for example, combining recognition paper rewards with store coupons and past utilizing a cash-back tract specified arsenic oregon Rakuten to gain wealth backmost connected those purchases.

Finally, instrumentality pictures of your receipts utilizing the Fetch app and gain points which tin past beryllium redeemed for acquisition cards astatine stores similar Walmart, Target and Amazon.

For much connected Black Friday sales, cheque retired NBC Select's caller roundup of the best aboriginal Black Friday deals.