Brandi Mallory Found Dead in Chipolte Parking Lot; New Details on Death of Reality Star

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We person an update connected the tragic decease of Brandi Mallory.

As antecedently reported, the erstwhile Extreme Weight Loss contestant died connected November 9 successful the municipality of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

She was lone 40 years old.

No origin of decease was announced astatine the clip this quality broke; nor are we privy to a origin of decease astatine the moment.

Brandi Mallory connected  InstagramBrandi Mallory smiles present for her ain camera for a photograph she shared online. (Instagram)

However, the Atlanta Police Department present reports that Mallory was past seen connected November 8 via surveillance footage arsenic she drove to a section Chipotle astir 5:53 p.m.

She entered the established… returned to her conveyance with her food… but ne'er left.

The proprietor of a adjacent deli told authorities that helium noticed a lone conveyance successful the parking batch the next morning, adding that a pistillate appeared to beryllium sleeping inside, according to the authoritative documents.

The antheral reportedly became acrophobic and called 911 a fewer hours aboriginal erstwhile helium noticed the car was still determination and the pistillate wrong “did not look alert, conscious oregon breathing.”

This woman, of course, was aboriginal identified arsenic Mallory.

Brandi Mallory remainder  successful  peaceBrandi Mallory has passed distant astatine the very, precise young property of 40. (Facebook)

Police shave assistance determination was nary motion of foul play and that Mallory’s origin of decease is inactive nether investigation.

Mallory was a contestant connected ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Season 4 backmost successful 2014.

She maintained a beardown societal media pursuing successful the years since this quality by sharing constitution tips and besides by sharing her emotion for dancing.

The precocious star’s household and friends honored her representation with a candlelight vigil connected November 12, portion a memorial work volition beryllium held for her connected Sunday, November 19, 2023 successful Lithonia, Georgia.

Brandi Mallory has passed awayWe nonstop our condolences to those who knew and loved Brandi Mallory. (Instagram)

Extreme Weight Loss play 5 contestant Kim Williams Maxile, meanwhile, paid tribute to Mallory successful an affectional Instagram station a fewer days ago.

“Rest successful Love sis,” Maxile captioned a video of her and Mallory.

“To my chap Extreme Weight Loss @extweightloss sis, @brandimallory you volition beryllium missed. I’ll ne'er hide portion I was astatine footwear campy for play 5 we watched your play and it inspired america to support going.

“You genuinely made an interaction connected this satellite with your zest and your passionateness for assemblage positivity.

“I’m blessed to person gotten to experienced you successful this world.”

We proceed to nonstop our condolences to the friends, household members and loved ones of Brandi Mallory.

May she remainder successful peace