Carbon emissions of richest 1% equal to those of poorest 66%, Oxfam report finds

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Private jets are seen connected the tarmac astatine Friedman Memorial Airport up of the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, July 5, 2022 successful Sun Valley, Idaho. 

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The world's richest 1% of radical are liable for astir the aforesaid percent of planetary c emissions arsenic the 5 cardinal radical who correspond the 66% poorest, according to a study published Monday by Oxfam.

The charity's analysis, conducted with the Stockholm Environment Institute, recovered some groups contributed to 16% of emissions successful 2019.

The wealthiest 10% were liable for 50% of planetary emissions, it found, portion the bottommost 50% were liable for conscionable 8%.

Within the apical 1%, the study links one-third of the c emissions to idiosyncratic depletion successful the U.S., followed by China and the Gulf countries.

The apical 1% represents 77 cardinal radical and is defined successful the study arsenic having an estimated income threshold of $140,000 per year, and an mean income of $310,000.

The study notes that idiosyncratic depletion varies depending connected factors specified arsenic location, usage of renewable vigor and transport — wherever the precise wealthiest lend importantly much owed to the usage of backstage jets and yachts.

It besides includes betwixt 50% and 70% of emissions by the 1% coming done investments successful companies, measured by taking firms' reported emissions and distributing that proportionate to shareholder ownership of those firms by the 1%.

Billionaire investments successful polluting industries were treble that of the mean investor, Oxfam and the SEI found.

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