Christine Brown and Janelle Brown Agree: Robyn Ruined Everything!

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As has been made evident implicit the past respective months, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown person a batch successful communal these days.

They person some moved connected from Kody Brown.

They some inactive worth their relationship with each other.

And they some constituent the digit straight astatine Robyn Brown erstwhile it comes to wherever things went incorrect wrong of their formerly polygamous family.

Janelle Brown broadside  eyeJanelle Brown appears to beryllium giving Robyn immoderate superior broadside oculus successful this composite photo. (TLC)

In a clip from the November 19 occurrence of Sister Wives that TLC posted to Instagram this week, Christine and Janelle are sharing a car thrust astir the vacation play of past year.

“We utilized to person this magical 4 days of feasting for Thanksgiving,” Christine says successful the footage, lone for Janelle to adhd that “a batch of those traditions” changed erstwhile Robyn joined Kody Brown.

This wedding took spot successful 2014 and it was multi-layered:

Kody had to divorcement his ineligible spouse astatine the time, Meri, and helium past went up and adopted Robyn’s children from a erstwhile relationship.

Robyn Brown and Christine Brown divided  screenRobyn Brown and Christine Brown don’t get along. This isn’t a concealed astatine this point. (TLC)

The romance betwixt Meri and Kody beauteous overmuch died connected the spot, and some Christine and Janelle person said galore times since that Kody’s favoritism for Robyn played a immense relation successful their determination to locomotion distant from their spiritual marriages.

On this Sunday’s upcoming Sister Wives episode, Christine agrees with her pal, noting that the Browns stopped getting unneurotic for assorted dinners and/or events aft Robyn entered the picture.

“Every azygous Saturday we were doing things. And Robyn came successful the household and it stopped. It each stopped,” she says successful the sneak peek.

Christine Brown successful  beforehand   of the cameraChristine Brown is featured successful this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

“She was a abstracted entity from america and Kody ended up being implicit determination rather a bit,” Janelle said astir the disagreement Robyn seemingly created successful their family.

Christine, who said successful the caller past Kody was ne'er truly her soulmate, uses this connection to picture what Robyn means to Kody, continuing successful the clip shared by TLC:

“It doesn’t enactment with plural matrimony astatine all, but it conscionable seemed to maine that that’s what it felt similar was that helium recovered his soulmate and that’s who helium wanted to beryllium with and she didn’t truly privation to bash worldly together.”

In an ironic spot of timing, this occurrence is coming retired and these opinions are being shared successful the aftermath of Robyn speaking to People Magazine.

Robyn Brown connected  Season 18Robyn Brown looks precise unhappy successful this country from Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

Lamenting the nonaccomplishment of her polygamous unit, Robyn told this outlet:

“I wanted that acquisition of my sister wives loving my children and being capable to emotion their children and feeling similar this benignant of big, blessed family, large radical of radical that truly cared astir each other. So that’s what I liked astir it.”

After Robyn acknowledged that the Brown household dynamic is VERY tense astatine the moment, she said she hopes it’s “possible” for them to stay a “family,” concluding:

“I can’t enactment expectations connected people, I’m realizing much and more, arsenic acold arsenic household and that transportation and spending clip unneurotic and worldly and operating benignant of a family.

“So I anticipation and I commune that it’s possible, but that volition beryllium that a concern wherever everybody has to take that. So I don’t know.”