Clayton Flips Off Sister After She Questions Anali’s Motives on 90 Day Fiance

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Last weekend, 90 Day Fiance viewers watched Clayton reunite with Anali and being their K-1 journey.

After her agelong flight, Anali besides met Clayton’s ma — the 1 who lives successful his walk-in closet.

But Clayton has different family. And they’re not each truthful welcoming.

Take Clayton’s sister, for example. She has tough, perchance unfair questions for Anali. And Clayton’s not being excessively subtle astir however it makes him feel.

Clayton Clark sits successful  a grey  garment  connected  90 Day Fiance.In a sneak peek up of Season 10, Episode 7 of 90 Day Fiance, we spot Clayton astatine meal with his fiancee, his mom, and his sister. (Image Credit: TLC)

Clearly, Clayton Clark and Anali Vallejos emotion each other. And Clayton’s parent is supportive.

But successful this 90 Day Fiance sneak peek clip up of the Sunday, November 19 episode, Clayton’s sister has wide suspicions.

We don’t cognize the afloat context. But it appears that this confrontation goes down aft they’ve enjoyed a repast astatine a restaurant.

Clayton's sister asks a question.Clayton’s sister asks however she tin consciousness assured that nary 1 is taking vantage of her brother. (Image Credit: TLC)

Simply put, she wants to cognize if Anali is determination for Clayton oregon for thing else.

(If this suspicion has its origins successful xenophobia, she mightiness get on good with immoderate of Gino’s relatives … but possibly she volition explicate her reasons successful the afloat episode)

So she asks however she tin spot that Anali isn’t utilizing Clayton for a visa.

Clayton translates for Anali, sharing his sister's question.Clayton translates for Anali, sharing his sister’s question. (Image Credit: TLC)

Anali has a precise tenable answer. (Clayton, of course, translates for her)

She points retired that it wouldn’t person been truthful hard to permission her household down if she were a scammer.

Basically, if each that she wanted was to travel to the US, she wouldn’t person needed convincing. She misses her household — but she came present for Clayton.

In a 90 Day Fiance screenshot, Anali answers Clayton's sister's question.Anali answers Clayton’s sister’s question, pointing retired that leaving her household would not person been truthful hard if she’d been scamming for a visa alternatively of leaving them for Clayton. Meanwhile, announcement the subtle connection of his hands. (Image Credit: TLC)

Before we proceed with what went down, we person to constituent retired something.

Clayton is progressive connected societal media — and seems unusually well-prepared for his season. He intelligibly enactment immoderate thought into things.

Anyway, helium publically replied to the sneak peek — making definite that perfectly everyone noticed his not-so-subtle “hidden message” — flipping his mediate digit to his sister arsenic she questioned his fiancee’s intentions.

A screenshot of Clayton's Instagram remark  nether  a 90 Day Fiance Instagram post.In an Instagram comment, Clayton draws attraction to his unsubtle “sign language” during a struggle with his sister. (Image Credit: Instagram)

During each of this, his ma is intelligibly alert of the tension.

She seems to similar Anali. But she allows Clayton and his sister to speech this retired for themselves.

That’s astir apt best. She tin talk to them one-on-one later.

Clayton's mother, Violet, looks connected  astatine  the awkward meal  conversation.Clayton’s mother, Violet, looks connected astatine the awkward meal conversation. (Image Credit: TLC)

In summation to Anali’s explanation, Clayton has thing to add.

He tells his sister that it took him and Anali 2 and a fractional years to marque this happen.

In what beingness would she walk years of her beingness going to embassy interviews, providing documents, and more?

Clayton speaks portion    seated beside his fiancee Anali.Very reasonably, Clayton notes that 2.5 years would beryllium an absurd clip concern for a visa scam. (Image Credit: TLC)

It’s a coagulated argument. Someone mightiness walk years to get with a multimillionaire … but what would beryllium Anali’s alleged “payoff” if she’s not truly into Clayton?

Clayton says that helium can’t spot Anali, oregon anyone, doing that.

But his sister says that she precise overmuch tin spot that. She claims that radical bash it each of the time. (Do they, though? Most scammers are much funny successful money, and don’t put overmuch clip unless they’re getting it regularly oregon implicit a agelong play of time)

Clayton's sister looks unimpressed with his answer.Unlike her brother, Clayton’s sister could easy ideate idiosyncratic putting that overmuch effort into a agelong con. (Image Credit: TLC)

Clayton past shadily asks his sister if she’s had capable to drink.

To beryllium clear, he’s not asking retired of courtesy — he’s saying that her behaviour is retired of line.

She replies that she hasn’t. Similarly, she’s making it wide that she hears him large and clear.

Clayton looks speech  portion    asking a shady question.Clayton shadily asks his sister if she has had capable to portion this evening. (Image Credit: TLC)

This speech has a tearful extremity for Clayton’s sister.

Clayton, meanwhile, feels aggravated and hurt.

Hopefully, they tin scope an accord for everyone’s sake.