Darcey Silva Marries Georgi Rusev in Hush-Hush Ceremony!

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Last week, Darcey Silva debuted a new, little recognizable face connected societal media.

At the time, we reported that determination were beardown hints that she and Georgi Rusev were gearing up to marry. She had not announced it, but the signs were there.

Sure enough, that’s conscionable what they did.

Now, Darcey and Georgi are confirming the quality with a TLC-backed wedding announcement.

Georgi Rusev and Darcey Silva grin  side-by-side.On Facebook, of each places, Georgi Rusev shared this photograph of himself with Darcey Silva. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

On Saturday, November 11, Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev joined successful a private, antecedently unannounced ceremony.

The Darcey & Stacey stars took to Instagram to stock the news.

TLC shared Darcey’s words successful a associated Instagram post. We haven’t seen wedding pics conscionable yet, but we’re definite that they’ll rotation them retired implicit time.

A acheronian  mode   screenshot of Instagram, wherever  TLC and Darcey Silva person  a associated  statement.A associated station from TLC and Darcey Silva announced her November 11, 2023 matrimony to Georgi Rusev. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“I’m thrilled to stock that Georgi and I got joined connected our peculiar time of November 11th,” Darcey wrote connected Instagram.

“I’ve been connected a agelong travel to find love,” she continued.

“And successful the end,” Darcey declared, “love wins.”

Darcey Silva wears a chapeau  successful  this Instagram Story screenshot. Her lips and cheeks and eyebrows and much  are conspicuously altered.In November of 2023, Darcey Silva shared an updated look uncover to her Instagram Story. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“I’m truthful blessed for you each to beryllium a portion of my travel successful life, love, and happiness,” Darcey gushed to her fans.

She concluded by expressing: “Thank you for each the emotion and support!”

As we said, we don’t uncertainty that much is coming. Most radical expect that TLC’s cameras were determination to seizure astir if not each of the ceremony.

Darcey Silva Cuddles Up to Georgi RusevDarcey & Stacey prima Darcey Silva cuddles up to her hunky boyfriend, Georgi Rusev, contempt immoderate troubles successful their relationship. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The crushed that fans and followers expect to spot cameras seizure their wedding is due to the fact that they’ve been determination for the remainder of this tumultuous journey.

Over the years, we’ve seen Darcey and Georgi go engaged … much than once.

This wedding didn’t travel easily. Before they, determination were 2 engagements that came and went. Third time’s teh charm?

Posing successful a lacy achromatic bikini, Darcey Silva looks done ample sunglasses portion flaunting her 2023 summertime body. (Image Credit: Instagram)

As precocious arsenic the latest season, which aired its finale successful April, Darcey and Georgi were connected the outs.

It was awkward, due to the fact that Stacey Silva was having her wedding to Florian Sukaj.

Obviously, Darcey was there. But it wasn’t casual for her … due to the fact that Georgi was Florian’s champion man.

Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva talk broadside by broadside connected an occurrence successful aboriginal 2023. (Image Credit: TLC)

Even though Darcey brought different day to the rehearsal meal (but not the wedding), Georgi inactive hoped to reconcile with her.

Clearly, helium got his wish.

Despite Darcey’s protestations that she hoped to determination connected soon and permission him down her, they are present hubby and wife.

Reality TV property and businesswoman Darcey Silva shared this heavy filtered selfie to her Instagram leafage successful May of 2023. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Is this a bully choice? Almost surely not. Darcey has not made a batch of those implicit the years.

This is portion of what makes her specified a palmy and compelling world TV personality.

We’ll apt spot it each play retired connected Darcey & Stacey. And, implicit time, we’ll astir surely ticker it each autumn apart.