David Woolley Jets Off to NYC with Christine Brown, Praises the Heck Out of Sister Wives …

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Big Apple.

Big and beardown feelings.

Over this past weekend, Christine Brown jetted crossed astir of the state alongside her comparatively caller husband, David Woolley, enjoying a travel to New York City with man she’s often cited arsenic her soulmate.

And it definite looks similar they had an unthinkable time.

Christine Brown successful  NYCChristine Brown smiles broadly successful a selfie with hubby David Woolley arsenic they bask a play getaway to New York. (DAVID WOOLLEY/INSTAGRAM)

As you tin spot supra and below, the seasoned Sister Wives formed subordinate shared galore photos from the abrogation connected Instagram with Woolley and her sister and brother-in-law arsenic they visited the observatory astatine One World Trade Center and enjoyed a repast astatine section hotspot Cote.

Woolley, for his part, uploaded 3 selfies with Brown, stopping to praise the beauteous pistillate helium present calls hiw wife.

“I ever wanted a traveling partner, I ne'er expected I’d find the full package,” Woolley wrote successful the caption. “I emotion being joined to this woman!”

Christine Brown and familyChristine Brown and David Woolley grin with Christine’s sister and brother-in-law during a travel to The Big Apple. (CHRISTINE BROWN/INSTAGRAM)

Woolley and Brown went nationalist with their narration backmost successful February of 2022.

They then got joined this past October successful Moab, Utah.

“It’s everything I ne'er thought I would have,” she told People Magazine close earlier exchanging vows, adding astatine the time:

“I get to locomotion down the aisle to David, him conscionable looking astatine maine the mode that helium does, it’s a imagination travel true.”

Christine Brown successful  beforehand   of the cameraChristine Brown is featured successful this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

Over the people of the past respective Sister Wives episodes, meanwhile, viewers person watched arsenic Christine opens up astir what went incorrect successful her matrimony to Kody Brown.

She believes that Robyn came into the representation and beauteous overmuch ruined everything by changing household traditions and customs… and due to the fact that Kody simply fell truthful precise hard for his caller spouse.

“It doesn’t enactment with plural matrimony astatine all, but it conscionable seemed to maine that that’s what it felt similar was that helium recovered his soulmate and that’s who helium wanted to beryllium with and she didn’t truly privation to bash worldly together,” Christine said connected air.

There’s that connection again. Soulmate.

Kody wasn’t it for Christine… and Christine wasn’t it for Kody.

Kody Brown connected  TLCKody Brown has a stern look connected his look successful this photo. (TLC)

But past there’s David Woolley.

“He’s a phenomenal person, to the core. He’s conscionable outstanding,” Christine besides told People this fall.

“Yeah, I conscionable consciousness similar I won a golden excavation — major. I won the lottery with him.”

Woolley — a widow who mislaid his woman successful 2012 intelligibly feels the aforesaid way, too.

“After my woman passed away, I dated and I conscionable could ne'er find somebody. I knew Christine was The One,” helium has said. “It conscionable feels truthful right.”