Democrats Flip Critical Pennsylvania County for First Time in Over 100 Years

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Boy, voters definite bash look to beryllium sick and bushed of MAGA Republicans.

Democrats flipped a captious Pennsylvania region committee for the archetypal clip successful implicit 100 years. Dauphin County houses the authorities superior of Harrisburg, and the Democrat who won has vowed to grow ballot entree and ballot curing, which Dauphin didn’t let nether Republican rule. Pennsylvania is simply a ample and captious plaything authorities for 2024.

The idiosyncratic who flipped the County Commissioners Office is simply a progressive pastor named Justin Douglas, who ran a “longshot” campaign, nether the “Run for Something” banner. The Keystone did a illustration connected him by Sean Kitchen, highlighting the value of the triumph for Democrats, “In the broader picture, Douglas’ triumph volition beryllium a boon for Democrats successful a region that often votes bluish successful statesmanlike and statewide elections, but has had occupation making inroads successful offices further down the ballot.

This triumph volition let Democrats to oversee however elections are conducted successful Dauphin County for adjacent year’s statesmanlike election.”

Douglas arrived successful Dauphin County successful 2015 arsenic a pastor, but mislaid his licence to preach for allowing LGBTQ members into the church, according to the Keystone profile. Four years later, helium started a non-denominational religion based successful Harrisburg. Douglas ran connected what helium was told was a losing issue: the deaths of 18 prisoners since 2019 who were successful custody successful Dauphin County.

Talk astir existent pro-life.

Daniel Nichanian of Bolts Magazine talked to the Democrat who won past week astir his program to grow ballot entree by expanding the fig of ballot driblet boxes and allowing ballot curing and ensuring that the region proactively reaches retired to radical to pass them of a mistake.

In Pennsylvania, ballots tin beryllium confusing, particularly message successful ballots that person a concealed envelope and an outer envelope with circumstantial and alternatively intimidating instructions. If a elector messes up thing connected their ballot, it tin beryllium tossed unless the region takes enactment to prioritize reaching retired to those voters to fto them cognize they person an error, similar they enactment the incorrect day connected the outer envelope, which has to beryllium signed and dated successful the close spot.

Notice that the Democrats aren’t trying to privilege anyone but for actual voters successful the stance that each morganatic ballot should beryllium counted. This conception gets mislaid successful the mode the partisan disagreement is covered nationally, but it’s a basal For the People rule that is hard to reason against erstwhile presented honestly.

Nichanian besides pointed out, “Democrats expanded their bulk connected the authorities ultimate tribunal and won a question of region offices that find policies connected message voting and are charged with certifying results.”

This is captious for democracy, fixed that respective incumbent predetermination deniers successful reddish areas who refused to certify 2020 won past week’s election.

Here’s however Douglas celebrated his triumph connected TikTok:


Win Win Win

♬ WIN – Jay Rock

Given the alarming authorities of the Republican Party lining up down Donald Trump, who is utilizing Hitler benignant code to dehumanize radical who don’t enactment him, each predetermination matters. Justin Douglas was not expected to win. Run for Something encourages young progressives to tally for office, a propulsion meant to physique a coagulated seat of diverse, pro-human rights candidates, immoderate of whom could mature into nationalist leaders.

“This is amazing. I worked successful 4 legislature canine combat campaigns and Dauphin region was stone coagulated red. Never thought I would spot this,” Democratic strategist Joe Trippi wrote over Bolts Magazine’s story.

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Image: Justin Douglas Tik Tok