Donald Trump Tries to Justify His Plot to Steal the 2020 Election Before His Fraud Trial Testimony

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Former Republican president Donald Trump is acceptable to attest Monday greeting successful New York successful a civilian lawsuit that threatens his concern empire, but that didn’t halt him from spending Sunday evening spiraling connected Social Media astir however erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence should person stolen the predetermination helium mislaid for him.

Sunday evening:

60 Minutes? So, if the Vice President didn’t person the powerfulness to enactment (Sending votes backmost to Legislatures for rechecking and accelerated approval, UNLESS THEY FOUND FRAUD, OR SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE VOTE COUNTING!), wherefore did the RINOS & Democrats get unneurotic and CHANGE THE LAW truthful that (A) Vice President successful the aboriginal wouldn’t bash what these radical said helium couldn’t do? If helium couldn’t bash it, they would not person changed the law. Those aforesaid radical would person told you, but lone AFTER the Election, that a V.P. HAD the close to nonstop them backmost to the States for recertification, and they didn’t similar that, truthful they changed the law, taking distant that right. I disagree due to the fact that if Fraud is found, hole it! 60 Minutes: “Last year, Democrats and Republicans past an Electoral Count Law. It present CLARIFIES a Vice President’s relation is to read, not judge, the votes.” The information that they had to CLARIFY THE LAW means that determination was UNCERTAINTY, which means that it was unfastened to INTERPRETATION. It could person been done!

Monday greeting (this is but 1 of the galore offerings of his rantings):

Getting acceptable to caput to the Downtown Lower Manhattan Courthouse to attest successful 1 of the galore cases that were instigated and brought by my POLITICAL OPPONENT, Crooked Joe Biden, done agencies and surrogates, for purposes of ELECTION INTERFERENCE. This is the archetypal clip this method of cheating successful an predetermination has been truthful blatantly utilized successful the USA arsenic a POLITICAL WEAPON! Mostly done successful Third World Countries. Got a truly Biased, Nasty, Club controlled, but often overturned, Judge, a Racist, Evil, and Corrupt Attorney General, BUT A CASE THAT, ACCORDING TO ALMOST ALL LEGAL SCHOLARS, HAS ZERO MERIT. A acheronian time for our Country. WITCH HUNT!

Trump’s constituent astir the Electoral Count Act betterment seems to beryllium thing astir wherefore did Democrats and Republicans walk an update to the Electoral Count Act if Pence didn’t person the powerfulness to enactment to bargain the predetermination for him based connected lies?

The reply to this is twofold. One: There was nary justification for Pence to presume power of the associated session. The lone crushed for him to bash truthful would person been to bargain the predetermination based connected lies by exploiting an arcane predetermination law. That is to say, the lone crushed for Pence to presume power would person been to alteration the result of the 2020 predetermination against the volition of the radical successful what experts person called the astir unafraid predetermination successful U.S. history.

Democrats and Republicans changed the instrumentality to marque it other wide successful the aboriginal truthful different wanna-be dictator couldn’t effort what Trump tried again. The betterment was led by Republican Senator Susan Collins and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin on with members of the House January 6 committee.

The betterment clarified that the fashionable ballot from each authorities is protected from manipulation and that Congress cannot conscionable determine who won a statesmanlike predetermination erstwhile it comes to counting the votes.

Two: Trump lawyer John Eastman’s memo revealed that their mentation to get Pence to overturn the predetermination was not based connected the Electoral Count Act astatine all, truthful Trump’s rantings astir it are each the much misplaced.

Eastman suggested that the ECA beryllium ignored, claiming it was unconstitutional. As Greg Sargent explained successful the Washington Post:

“As Eastman’s memo claims, “all the members of Congress tin bash is watch.”

The mentation besides extrapolates from this the thought that the Electoral Count Act, oregon ECA — the 1887 instrumentality mounting the process for counting and resolving disputes implicit electors — is unconstitutional. Why? Because it gives Congress that role, and the 12th Amendment supposedly gives it lone to the vice president.

In the coup memo theory, this should person allowed Pence to disregard the ECA arsenic unconstitutional. Pence could unilaterally hold the number of electors, past a fewer plaything states won by Biden could person decided the voting was illegitimate and sent caller electors for Trump, and past Pence could unilaterally determine the quality by refusing to number either acceptable of electors. Trump wins.”

Sargent pointed to enactment by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which revealed that Pence was trying to marque Trump’s coup crippled work, but his advisers recovered it didn’t clasp up adjacent a small bit.

Donald Trump is inactive ranting astir the 2020 predetermination and claiming it was stolen erstwhile it was not stolen. He tried to bargain it. Today helium goes to tribunal to effort to prevention his concern empire aft years of fraud were exposed. He besides faces 91 transgression indictments and has been recovered liable for some rape and fraud. This idiosyncratic is the person of the Republican Party.