Donovan: LaVine's snub of PR staffer addressed

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  • Jamal Collier, ESPNNov 20, 2023, 08:07 PM ET

CHICAGO -- Bulls manager Billy Donovan, speaking Monday connected the aftermath of Saturday's crippled erstwhile Zach LaVine could beryllium seen brushing disconnected a squad nationalist relations subordinate aft declining a postgame interview, said the concern has been "handled internally."

Donovan declined to spell into further detail.

In the moments pursuing the Bulls' 102-97 triumph implicit the Miami Heat connected Saturday, which snapped Chicago's three-game losing streak, LaVine was captured connected camera walking disconnected the tribunal portion the remainder of the squad remained down to celebrate. He is approached by a squad authoritative but shakes his caput and brushes her disconnected portion continuing toward the locker room.

LaVine aboriginal dismissed the incidental arsenic "a miscommunication" betwixt the two.

"One happening I'll accidental astir it, it's been handled internally, it's been discussed internally," Donovan said earlier Monday's crippled against the Heat. "I don't privation to get into what those conversations are, but surely it's been addressed. That would beryllium my wish, is that everybody helps each different bash their job."

LaVine acknowledged past week that he has been frustrated by the team's commencement to the season, and helium dodged questions astir whether helium wanted to beryllium traded elsewhere. LaVine is disconnected to a dilatory commencement done his archetypal 14 games, averaging 21.9 points connected 43% shooting, 34% from 3.

Yet, Donovan said helium had not seen immoderate quality successful LaVine's effort successful the past week that would marque him question his committedness to the team.

"When I walked into the locker country [on Saturday night], I didn't spot thing antithetic from him successful that locker country erstwhile helium sat there," said Donovan, who added helium did not spot the incidental betwixt LaVine and the PR staffer erstwhile it happened. "I didn't get a feline who was upset oregon pouting oregon turned around, immoderate -- I saw a mean Zach successful there."