Fani Willis Just Sent A Very Loud Message To Trump

2 weeks ago 25

Fulton County DA Fani Willis has moved to revoke the enslaved of Harrison Floyd for societal media posts that tried to intimidate witnesses.

Willis’s motion:

Breaking: Fulton DA Fani Willis moving to revoke the enslaved of Trump lawsuit suspect Harrison Floyd, citing his societal media posts. She said caller tweets tagging radical similar Brad Raffensperger, Gabe Sterling and Ruby Freeman magnitude to witnesser intimidation

— Tamar Hallerman (@TamarHallerman) November 15, 2023

Floyd was charged with influencing witnesses and soliciting mendacious statements and writings, arsenic helium was portion of the Trump cognition against Ruby Freeman.

There appears to beryllium a connection that is being sent by the DA to Trump that helium volition not get distant with utilizing his societal media accounts oregon different platforms to intimidate witnesses successful the Georgia RICO case. Willis has undoubtedly seen however Trump has behaved successful the national 1/6 lawsuit and his civilian fraud proceedings successful New York.

DA Willis appears to beryllium trying to get up of immoderate witnesser intimidation earlier the erstwhile president has a accidental to marque it happen. She is besides establishing precedent truthful that if Trump does effort to intimidate witnesses, her bureau volition beryllium close determination to revoke his bond.

Donald Trump amended wage attraction due to the fact that Fani Willis isn’t playing.

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