FBI Director Wray Humiliates Marjorie Taylor Greene During Hearing

2 weeks ago 28

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was talking astir FBI Director Wray speechmaking her Twitter relationship to censor her arsenic a portion of the Department of Homeland Security lone to person Wray archer her that helium is not successful Homeland Security.

Wray said arsenic Greene was holding up photos, “I haven’t seen the photos that you’re holding up.”

Greene replied, “Maybe, well, I posted them connected my Twitter account. It’s public.”

Wray answered, “You know, possibly I don’t walk a batch of clip connected Twitter.”

Greene kept going, “Well, you know, you, you, oh, I’m definite you do. Because the Department of Homeland Security and organized with different offices, has censored galore Americans, including myself.”

Wray tells Greene, “I’m not portion of the Department of Homeland Security.”


It would beryllium casual to laughter astatine Marjorie Taylor Greene until 1 realizes that she is connected the Homeland Security Committee and doesn’t cognize that the FBI Director is not a portion of the Department of Homeland Security.

Any different subordinate of Congress mightiness person been embarrassed to person specified ignorance exposed, but Marjorie Taylor kept rolling connected with her onslaught connected Wray and claims that the 1/6 terrorists are unjustly prosecuted.

One of the champion things for the state that volition hap if Democrats instrumentality backmost the House volition beryllium the removal from powerfulness of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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