George Santos Is Done And Likely To Be Expelled From The House

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The House Ethics Committee study has swung dozens of Republican votes successful favour of expelling Rep. George Santos (R-NY) arsenic soon arsenic the House comes backmost into session.

Punchbowl News reported:

A fig of lawmakers who voted against expelling Santos connected Nov. 1 are present saying they’ll enactment a solution ousting the New York Republican from Congress. CNN’s Melanie Zanona and Haley Talbot person a bully tracker of the flips.

Only 24 House GOP lawmakers voted for expelling Santos previously. Yet astatine slightest a twelve came retired successful favour of expulsion connected Thursday, and we expect adjacent much today. If each 213 Democrats backmost expulsion, conscionable 77 Republicans would person to ballot yes to marque it happen. Our reporting indicates this seems precise apt to hap erstwhile members instrumentality to league adjacent month.

Santos has scheduled a November 30th quality conference, wherever if the governmental winds support blowing against him, helium volition astir apt resign.

However, since this is George Santos we’re talking about, helium could effort to instrumentality astir and fight, but by that time, determination should beryllium plentifulness of Republican votes acceptable to rotation connected expulsion.

A caller privileged solution volition beryllium introduced to expel Santos by the Chair of the House Ethics Committee, and it looks similar the wheels are successful question to footwear Santos retired if helium won’t voluntarily permission the House.

George Santos is yet done.
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