House Oversight Democrats Demand James Comer Subpoena Rudy Giuliani

2 weeks ago 26

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) appears to beryllium subpoenaing everyone who ever met Joe Biden, but Democrats connected the committee privation him to subpoena Rudy Giuliani.

Oversight Committee Democrats said successful a statement:

NEW: A spokesperson for Oversight Committee Democrats issued the pursuing connection connected Committee Republicans’ latest interrogation petition successful their sham probe into President Biden.

— Oversight Committee Democrats (@OversightDems) November 15, 2023

Earlier, Lev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani’s right-hand antheral successful the effort to unit Ukraine to excavation up ungraded connected Biden, provided a missive to the Oversight Committee debunking the Burisma Russia misinformation that is the backbone of Comer’s investigation.

Rudy Giuliani is the mule that the Russians utilized to get the Burisma mendacious accusation into the Republican Party.

Comer has refused to admit the ample grounds that President Biden did thing wrong. Republicans connected the Oversight Committee volition lone notation Giuliani’s sanction to falsely assertion that their probe has thing to bash with Trump’s erstwhile lawyer.

Republicans can’t flight the Giuliani stench surrounding their sham investigation, and Democrats are not astir to let them to get disconnected the hook.

James Comer is trying to invent a Joe Biden scandal, but each roads proceed to pb backmost to erstwhile president Donald Trump and his erstwhile lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

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