House Republicans Humiliate Themselves By Rejecting Their Own CR Approach

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Just erstwhile you deliberation they can’t humiliate themselves immoderate more, the extremist nihilists moving the amusement successful the U.S. House question the reddish cape astatine the bull of the Biden system successful a hopeless effort to marque it collapse.

This time, House “Freedom Caucus” (read: rebrand of Tea Party, which was rebrand of antecedently racist anti-government affluent lad club, connected and connected it goes — fundamentally well-funded absorption to the U.S. authorities from Big Business) has travel retired against the laddered attack to the Continuing Resolution for backing the government. They came up with this approach.

“Totally amazing. House Freedom Caucus came up with the laddered approach. Now they’re retired against it,” Jake Sherman shared supra the tweet from the House Republican caucus.

Totally amazing. House Freedom Caucus came up with the laddered approach. Now they’re retired against it.

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) November 14, 2023

House Democrats are not fans of the bifurcated attack fixed the ongoing Right helping shenanigans attempting to insert their civilization warfare docket into unrelated bills and issues, but House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) has said they are consenting to enactment with House Republicans truthful agelong arsenic the attack doesn’t interruption cardinal principles.

The House Republican extremists garbage to “roll implicit today” to combat time anymore. If that confused you, what they’re saying is they volition not bash adjacent the astir basal occupation of the U.S. House of Representatives, which is to money the government. They refuse, due to the fact that they garbage to enactment if they can’t get everything their way. House Republicans successful the “Freedom Caucus” garbage to grant the information that the American radical chose President Biden to tally the enforcement helping and Democrats to tally the Senate, a concern that demands compromise from all.

The nutrient of the Republican extremists’ objection is besides suspect, arsenic House Republicans person refused to money the borderline astatine the complaint the Biden medication requested. What they privation is to abstracted the backing truthful they tin instrumentality retired Ukraine and usage the U.S. House to springiness Putin a win. To not springiness Putin a triumph is to “roll over.”

When the Freedom Caucus grumbles astir spending limits, what they are truly saying is that they privation to instrumentality the American system hostage to effort to extract spending cuts from Democrats. Since Johnson needs this CR to pass, helium has nary included immoderate poison pills oregon demands. The solution is screaming to House Democrats to delight ballot for it.

Once again, House Republicans are apt to necessitate Democrats to rescue them from their inability to bash the astir basal tasks for which they are paid good by the American people.

Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) opening with the gavel is looking a batch similar the moves of the Republican speakers earlier him: That is to say, aforesaid aged failed leadership, incapable to usher the vessel of fools. This is not a reflection of Johnson; rather, it’s a reflection of the Republican Party, which has chosen to merchantability adept cognition arsenic a occupation champion solved by installing incurious blowhards into bureau and letting them tally the show.

The House volition walk the CR with Democratic votes, but extremist House Republicans are truthful opposed to governing that they are rejecting their ain ideas, and successful their process, humiliating their enactment and country.

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