How To Find Solar Lighting For Any Outdoor Space

  • 17 Nov 2021 06:18
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Solar lights have become more and more popular and they are not boring any more but come in different styles and capabilities. You can use solar lights to illuminate your garden, walkway, patio, etc. Solar lighting doesn’t only create a warm ambience to show off your house’s architectural features, but they are bright enough to ensure security and safety around your house.

Why Choose Solar Powered Outdoor Lights?

Actually, you have enough reasons to choose solar powered outdoor lights.

  • No hardwiring is needed. Because solar lights harvest energy directly from the sun not from the grid, they don’t need any hardwiring.
  • Easy Installation. Because of no hardwiring required, the installation becomes easier and you can install solar lights yourself without costing much to hire an electrician. And only a few tools is needed.
  • No electric costs. Solar lights are powered by their recharged batteries that store energy from the sun. Therefore, even if they are emitting lighting overnight, they will not consume the electricity energy from the grid. And you will not see any electricity bill rise. The cost is the initial upfront price of the light itself. Sometimes, you may need to buy batteries separately.
  • Safe to use. You can use them around your pool, hot tubs, ponds and other similar accent areas. Because their voltage is very low, they are very safe to use. And you don’t need to worry about an accident caused by the electric leakage.
  • Weatherproof and offer continuous lighting. Most of them are designed to withstand bad weathers, so they are weatherproof. And they can work, even if you encounter electrical power outages.

Consider Location

When installing solar lights, of course, they don’t need to be near any electric outlet, but the location also really matters. This is because they need to harvest solar energy, so they should be exposed to direct sunlight to make sure the built-in rechargeable batteries can be fully charged during the day. Therefore, the sunlight is very important for solar outdoor lights. Or, if the batteries cannot be fully charged by the solar cells or solar panels, the length of lighting time at dusk or at night will be shorter. The operation time is determined by the location, weather and season. Generally, most solar lights need at least eight hours of sun to make sure they can last a whole night.

Therefore, when choosing the location for them, you should do as the following:

  • If solar cells and solar lights are all in one system, make sure they are installed where they can receive sufficient sunlight during the day. And you need to keep them from debris and dirt.
  • If there is a separate solar panel, the solar panel should be installed similarly to those all in one solar lights.

Types of solar lights

As solar technology advances, modern solar lights become more and more practical. Most of them use LED technology, making them much brighter and can last longer than before. And LED bulbs also have a long lifetime, so you don’t need to change them on a regular basis. Basically, they don’t need to be replaced during their life cycle.

And solar lighting comes in many styles and can be used almost anywhere around your house.

Soar path lights

Solar path lights are perfect for lighting a patio, walkway, driveway and pathway. They have stakes, so you just need to plug in their stakes into the ground and that’s all. If the ground is a bit hard, you can use a rubber mallet to drive them into the ground without damaging them.

Solar rope lights or solar string lights

They are very flexible and you can wrap them around your outdoor furniture, railings and branches, so you can get a focal point. Mostly, they feature a separate solar panel. Using solar string lights to create a romantic atmosphere for festive days and outdoor parities is a good idea.

Solar Lanterns

You can fasten solar lanterns to the side of your house or trunks of trees to illuminate the way. And some of them feature a good design, so they can also be used to decorate your outdoor space.

The Bottome Line

All the solar outdoor lights can be called as solar landscape lights, because they can be used to decorate your landscape with ease.

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