How to use Walkway Outdoor Lighting to Show Off Evening Curb Appeal

  • 02 Nov 2021 05:54
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Outdoor lighting can be considered as the most important type of lighting. Buyers normally pass by a house several times a day to check how it looks. But, only a few can find time to look at a house at night. Sad to say, many people make the same outdoor staging mistakes and overlook the importance of wonderful outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting allows people to safely walk around your property at night. It also guides them to the front door. The following are some ways you can use walkway lighting in enhancing the curb appeal of a house.

Selecting Chic Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Buyers normally inspect pathway lights when they walk towards your house. Due to this, you should look for lighting fixtures that make you house appealing. It should also increase the value of the landscape and the house itself. Traditional fixtures are ideal for old homes. They evoke an understating effect and provide suitable lighting to the place.

Modern homes can benefit from solar, LED, or stainless steel lights. They complement the façade and give it a modern appeal. Elegant or ornamental fixtures can also enhance the visual impact of the place. Selecting a suitable outdoor lighting fixture can highlight the style of the home. Path lighting fixtures are ideal in making statements.

Consider Power Requirements When Designing the Walkway Lighting

Power requirements of outdoor lighting fixtures are either 12 volts or 120 volts. The 12-volt lighting fixtures require smaller bulbs and have a low profile. Halogen bulbs are used to provide good lighting. These fixtures are safe and easy to install. They do not pose any risks of electric shock even if they are installed in wet or damp areas.

Professionals should install a 120-volt lighting fixture. They are not easy to work with and dangerous to handle. These fixtures are also costly to install.

While, on the other hand, solar outdoor lighting is another great option. Solar outdoor lights are so easy to install and they are safe to use. They don’t need any wiring, so you can install them at any place you like, just making sure they can receive enough sunlight during the day.

For walkway outdoor lighting, there are several outdoor solar lighting options:

  • Solar path lights
  • Solar deck lights

Carefully Selecting the Materials for Lighting Fixtures

Look for the best materials for you lighting fixtures.

Things to Consider in Selecting the Materials for Lighting Fixtures:

Many homeowners prefer brass lighting fixtures since they are practical. The material is tough and long-lasting. Their heavy structure makes them hard-wearing. The textured finish complements decking and stone. Rustic homes can benefit from polished brass fixtures since they turn dark after some time.

Aluminum walkway fixtures are ideal for limited budgets. These fixtures are economical since they are powder-coated and not painted. While cast aluminum lights feature a dark shade, you have a suitable selection of colors for the lights, including bronze and green.

The glossy finish of copper lighting fixtures turns to muted brown after a period of time. The hue eventually transforms into verdigris patina, which blends with brickwork, foliage, and mulch. Exterior areas and gardens go well with weathered copper outdoor lighting fixtures. Due to this, they are popular choices for lighting walkways.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel lighting fixtures are normally used on modern gardens. But, it should be cleaned regularly since it can tarnish easily. It also easily collects debris. Stainless steel cleaners are needed to prevent brown spots from developing on the lights. Phosphatized steel fixtures are good choices since they do not require too much maintenance. Their heavy-duty surfaces do not tarnish or corrode.

Homeowners normally want to their home to have a pleasant appearance. Outdoor lighting fixtures can enhance any exterior. The surrounding will be more appealing at night when you use them. They also increase the value of your house. It is not necessary to install lights all over the place. You can strategically place the lights in the space. Walkway lights enhance curb appeal and direct potential buyers into your front porch. You can easily make their home appealing using suitable outdoor lighting fixtures.

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