James Comer Melts Down When He Gets Confronted With His Shady Business Deals

2 weeks ago 30

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) confronted House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) astir his shady concern deals with his brother, and Comer didn’t instrumentality it well.

Comer said to Jared Moskowitz, “You each proceed to, you look similar a smurf here, conscionable going astir and each this stuff. Now listen.”

Moskowitz said, “You person gone connected TV and said the president did thing illegal. You’re doing worldly with your brother. The American radical person the aforesaid questions. Why should they judge you?..You spell connected Fox News and we person nary idea. We’re expected to instrumentality your connection for it. But erstwhile the president says something, he’s not telling the truth.”

Comer aboriginal called Moskowitz a liar, truthful Moskowitz asked Comer to beryllium for a deposition, “I deliberation the American radical person tons of questions, Mr. Chairman, and possibly you should beryllium possibly for a deposition.”


Comer mislaid it erstwhile the footwear was enactment connected the different ft and helium was confronted with his ain hypocrisy. Chairman Comer has already shown that helium has zero credibility, but the speech with Moskowitz revealed that helium besides has precise bladed skin.

Chair Comer looks similar a classical illustration of idiosyncratic who tin crockery it out, but can’t instrumentality it. The tables person been turned. Comer is connected the defensive. He has zero grounds that President Biden did thing wrong, but determination is ample impervious that Comer spent decades utilizing his governmental powerfulness to payment himself and his family.

If anyone needs to beryllium investigated, it’s James Comer.

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