Jamie Raskin Rips James Comer’s Flailing Biden Impeachment Investigation

1 week ago 26

House Oversight Committee ranking subordinate Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Comer’s impeachment probe is embarrassing and flailing.

Raskin said:
Chairman Comer’s flailing and unauthorized ‘impeachment inquiry’ into President Biden conscionable ran into a ceramic partition of arguments by the White House that should truly marque him rethink the full embarrassing and self-destructive exercise. The legislative process is designed to heighten the communal bully of the radical and should ne'er beryllium utilized conscionable to smear and harass a President, his White House staff, and radical successful his family.

Throughout this investigation, Chairman Comer has distorted a batch of facts, invented some, and concealed the grounds successful an effort to distract from his utter nonaccomplishment to find immoderate impervious of wrongdoing by the President, overmuch little an impeachable offense.

These caller subpoena and transcribed interrogation requests are different vain effort to interfere with the justness strategy and existing peculiar counsel investigations. With the imaginable objection of Donald Trump, cipher is impressed by the Chairman’s requests.

Raskin is correct. The White House is going to combat the subpoenas and the information that the House hasn’t authorized the investigation, oregon fixed a legislative intent for the probe could mean that the White House has a bully accidental of winning, oregon astatine minimum tying up the probe successful tribunal for a precise agelong time.

House Republicans should rethink this maltreatment of powerfulness misadventure. House Republicans request to halt weaponizing their oversight powers earlier voters footwear them retired of the bulk adjacent November.

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