Jenelle Evans Taunts Mom After Son Runs Away AGAIN; Future of Jace More Unclear Than Ever

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This is conscionable truthful very, precise sad.

And besides truthful very, precise troubling.

According to our friends astatine The Ashley, Jace Evans ran distant from his grandmother’s location precocious past week… conscionable implicit a period since helium did the aforesaid portion surviving with his mother, Jenelle, and her husband, David Eason.

Jace Evans, Jenelle EvansJace Evans forces a grin portion posing present alongside his infamous mother. (Instagram)

As you whitethorn recall, the 14-year aged was reported missing THREE times this past summer/late fall, allegedly escaping retired a model the 3rd and last clip earlier being discovered by section North Carolina authorities.

He told constabulary astatine the clip that Eason had assaulted him.

Eason was past arrested connected a misdemeanor kid maltreatment charge.

Since then, Jace had been surviving with Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s parent and the pistillate who raised him passim astir of his childhood.

Jenelle hasn’t spoken to her lad since September 28.

Jenelle and Jace Evans pictureJenelle Evans posted this pic to observe her son’s day successful August of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

HOWEVER, a nonmigratory of the North Carolina municipality successful which Barbara resides emailed The Ashley connected Saturday and said Jace had tally distant from the house.

“Cops person advised america successful the vicinity to support an oculus retired for him,” this neighbour said successful the email. “Apparently helium has been gone for astir 2 days.”

Perhaps conscionable arsenic a disturbing arsenic Jace erstwhile again fleeing from a home?

Eason shared a “Where’s Waldo” station a fewer days ago… portion Jenelle uploaded a meme (below) with the caption “When the weapons formed against you ain’t prospering,” on with, “Hell yessssss, if you lone knew.”

In different words?

They responded to Jace going missing by TAUNTING BARBARA AND MAKING LIGHT OF THE SITUATION.


Jace was recovered by the cops connected Sunday, The Ashley reports.

A root says helium was wounded by immoderate of Jenelle’s caller societal media posts, which has included a staunch defence of Eason, on with small interest being shown for her oldest child.


“Jace wasn’t capable to get connected his due medications portion helium was astatine Barbara’s, owed to Jenelle inactive having the powerfulness to contradict him entree to definite meds,” an insider tells The Ashley, adding that a fig of therapists wouldn’t instrumentality Jace connected arsenic a lawsuit due to the fact that they didn’t privation to woody with the “wrath of David and Jenelle.”

Indeed, a caller Google reappraisal near by Eason accuses a doc of trying to “brainwash your kid into reasoning they person intelligence issues successful bid to support them coming backmost for medication.”

Jenelle Evans touches David EasonJenelle Evans sits adjacent to David Eason for this car ride. (TikTok)

This is particularly unfortunate and ironic due to the fact that Jenelle has said connected galore occasions that Jace has “mental health” issues.

You would anticipation she would importune helium person nonrecreational assistance if this were the case.

At this point, the astir important happening — heck, the only important happening amid specified a chaotic and depressing messiness — is the aboriginal of Jace Evans.

The Ashley writes that helium volition nary longer beryllium surviving with his grandma and Child Protective Services has said helium cannot spell backmost to Jenelle’s house.

We don’t cognize for definite wherever helium is astatine the infinitesimal oregon wherever he’ll beryllium surviving semipermanent oregon adjacent short-term.

We tin lone anticipation and commune he’s doing okay.