Jeremiah Duggar and Wife: Expecting Baby #2! Yes, Already!

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Jeremiah Duggar and his wife, Hannah, are expecting their 2nd child.

On Saturday, little than a twelvemonth aft welcoming girl Brynley Noelle, the spouses shared a beauteous household photograph connected Instagram to corroborate the blessed news.

In the snapshot, Jeremiah is holding his firstborn … his woman is looking implicit astatine the pair… and she’s besides smiling with an ultrasound successful her hands.

Jeremiah Duggar and Wife HannahJeremiah Duggar and his woman Hannah laic a smooch present connected their archetypal child. (Instagram)

“Life conscionable keeps getting sweeter! #thebestdays #sograteful,” the hubby and woman wrote successful their associated caption.

Hannah gave commencement to Brynley connected Christmas Day successful December 2022.

“After an unthinkable year, God gave america a precious Christmas acquisition to apical it each off,” the couple wrote connected societal media a fewer days later.

They added astatine the time:

“Baby miss decided to get aboriginal and we are wholly and wholly successful emotion with our small Brynley Noelle.”

Jeremiah and Hannah DuggarCongratulations are successful order. As you tin spot here, Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar are arrogant parents of a precious babe girl. (Instagram)

Jeremiah and Hannah announced the second was large conscionable 5 months aft getting married, which is beauteous accelerated adjacent for a subordinate of this baby-crazed family.

They lone courted for 3 months earlier exchanging vows, too.

“Today was a cleanable day, arsenic we stood earlier our household and friends and committed our lives to each other,” Jeremiah and Hannah told Us Weekly aft making things authoritative via a ceremonial successful Nebraska.

“It was specified a beauteous culmination of truthful galore prayers, dreams & desires!

“As we’ve seen God’s gracious manus successful bringing our lives together, we are excited to spot however He volition proceed to nonstop our paths.”

Hannah Wissmann and Jeremiah DuggarHannah Wissmann and Jeremiah Duggar look similar a blessed couple. (Instagram)

Not agelong aft confirming the impending accomplishment of their upcoming lad oregon girl, meanwhile, galore of Jeremiah’s siblings near excited messages connected Instagram.

“Congratulations!!!,” Jill Duggar Dullard wrote successful the remark section.

Elsewhere, Jessa Duggar Seewald chimed successful with a elemental “????????” successful effect to the news.

“So implicit the satellite for y’all!????,” Hannah’s sister Alaythia Wissman remarked.

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann TogetherCongrats are successful bid for Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann. They’re joined with kids, folks! (Instagram)

Back successful January of past year, Jeremiah expressed his emotion and affection for his now-wife arsenic follows, telling the satellite aft helium proposed:

“Hannah, getting to cognize you for the past twelvemonth has been truthful incredible! I can’t adjacent find the words to picture it.

“You are the champion happening that has ever happened to maine and I cannot hold to wed you. I emotion you!”