Justin Timberlake Considering Legal Action Over Britney Spears Memoir: THIS Will Fix My …

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Apparently, Justin Timberlake is truthful miserable these days that helium mightiness crook to a precocious priced ineligible squad to cleanable up his image.

After everything that Britney Spears’ memoir revealed astir Justin, a lot of radical find him disgusting.

Between caller accusation and each of the things that she confirmed, his estimation whitethorn ne'er recover.

A jarring caller study says that he’s so unhappy that he’s considering taking drastic ineligible enactment implicit it. Yikes!

Justin Timberlake astatine  the OscarsJustin Timberlake attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards astatine Hollywood & Highland Center connected February 26, 2017. (Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

According to a report by RadarOnline, Justin Timberlake is considering taking existent ineligible enactment against Britney Spears.

Believe it oregon not, but Justin has enjoyed a batch of nationalist enactment implicit the years.

Now, erstwhile fans person turned their backs connected him. And truthful person different celebrities, who consciousness disgusted by what helium enactment Britney through.

A screen  photograph  of Britney Spears' 2023 memoir, The Woman In Me.The Woman In Me is the rubric of Britney Spears’ October 2023 memoir. (Image Credit: Simon and Schuster)

According to the report, his archetypal program was to simply “ride” retired the tidal question of controversy.

Often, that is the champion prime for idiosyncratic who finds themselves successful a ungraded wherever they cannot straight code the wrongdoing.

Justin cannot close the past, truthful this isn’t implicit thing that he’s doing incorrect close now. Usually, avoiding nationalist appearances and remaining soundless would beryllium the champion policy. (Well, adjacent to a heartfelt apology successful which helium publically grovels for undeserved forgiveness)

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears astatine the NBA All-Star Game astatine the First Union Center successful Philadelphia successful 2002. (Photo Credit: Getty)

However, the study says that it’s getting harder and harder.

Britney’s publication came retired lone a fewer weeks ago, connected October 24.

Even so, Justin is reportedly feeling truthful “miserable” implicit the revelations astir him that he’s considering different options.

Justin Timberlake speaks onstage.Justin Timberlake speaks onstage arsenic helium promotes the upcoming movie “Trolls Band Together” during the Universal Pictures and Focus Features presumption during CinemaCon, the authoritative normal of the National Association of Theatre Owners, astatine The Colosseum astatine Caesars Palace connected April 26, 2023. (Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Since then, Justin has been experiencing trolling dissimilar immoderate of his anterior experiences.

Even his wife, Jessica Biel, has received a slew of messages.

Hers person a antithetic tone. Seeing however Justin treated his ex — cheating connected Britney, pressuring her to person an abortion, capitalizing disconnected of her to beforehand his ain vocation — radical privation her to cognize that she tin dump him.

Britney Spears and fellow Justin Timberlake get astatine the premiere of her movie “Crossroads” astatine the Mann Chinese Theatre successful Hollywood connected Feb. 11, 2002. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It’s each getting nether his tegument truthful much. And it’s not conscionable random fans.

A batch of precise celebrated radical — including radical much celebrated than Justin himself, similar Madonna — person been unfollowing him connected societal media.

Apparently, he’s contemplating taking her to court. With the close courtroom buying (sometimes, overly litigious whiners effort cases successful the UK, wherever libel laws are oddly backwards), helium mightiness support her from sharing more.

Britney Spears speaks during the expansive opening of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Britney Spears Campus connected November 4, 2017. (Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

If JT is really considering that … possibly helium should see not doing that.

We’ve seen precise famous, precise atrocious men instrumentality their exes to tribunal and win. Sometimes, their high-cost PR blitzes really propulsion a accelerated 1 connected the nationalist arsenic good arsenic the jury.

But successful the agelong run, Justin does not, cannot want for his marque to beryllium “the feline who sued Britney.” If helium didn’t privation her to speech astir him, helium should person treated her better.