Kate Gosselin LOSES Child Support Case; Will She File for Bankruptcy?

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Things look to person gone from atrocious to worse for Kate Gosselin.

And the question present is this:

Just however atrocious volition things get?!?

According to In Touch Weekly, the notorious parent of 8 conscionable mislaid a tribunal lawsuit successful which she was demanding $132,000 successful backmost kid enactment from ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin connected  ABC PhotoKate Gosselin is sitting down present and talking to ABC astir her household arsenic portion of an interrogation with the network. (ABC)

As antecedently reported, Gosselin had filed a suit against Jon successful bid to retrieve wealth she believes she is owed from 2012.

The Sun antecedently labeled Kate arsenic “relentless” and emphasized that she was “desperate” for this wage day… based connected however dire her fiscal concern has become.

“Kate hasn’t had a occupation different than world TV for 17 years,” a root told The Sun this month, adding:

“It is precise wide that Kate has nary involvement successful surviving a mean beingness and having a existent job.”

Kate Gosselin photographKate Gosselin speaks during the HGTV conception of the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour astatine The Langham Huntington, Pasadena connected February 12, 2019 successful Pasadena, California. (Getty)

Insiders person indicated that Kate Gosselin earned $250,000 per occurrence of Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

The amusement went disconnected the aerial successful July 2017, however, and the world prima has made small to nary effort to marque immoderate wealth distant from the camera ever since.

Gosselin has a nursing licence ( which expires successful 2025), but she returned to tv this year for the archetypal clip since 2019 this twelvemonth successful bid to look connected Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.

She was past eliminated connected the precise archetypal episode, apt costing her the accustomed paycheck(s) formed members person for each week they advance.

 World’s Toughest TestKate Gosselin is successful tears connected the amusement Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. (FOX)

Kate is simply a parent of eight, though 2 of her kids unrecorded with her erstwhile spouse.

The different six are present disconnected to college, meaning Kate is surviving by herself… but technically doesn’t request to enactment them immoderate longer.

“As the ineligible conflict continues, she doesn’t cognize how she’s going to marque ends meet,” an insider told In Touch connected November 16, adding simply of Gosselin:

“She’s hopeless astatine this point.”

Kate Gosselin connected  a reddish  carpetKate Gosselin arrives astatine the Zappos.com Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon connected December 2, 2012 successful Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Rock )

Gosselin has said astir thing successful nationalist of precocious — with 1 notable exception.

After lad Collin accused her of kid abuse, the infamous genitor issued a connection that said successful part:

“[Collin’s] brothers and sisters and I person not been straight progressive successful his beingness owed to his past of unpredictable behaviour and convulsive tendencies towards us.”

She said the teen has “received aggregate psychiatric diagnoses implicit the years,” has had galore “attacks/outbursts,” 1 of which progressive a “weapon,” concluding astatine the time:

“This is each I person to accidental connected the substance and I volition not beryllium discussing this taxable immoderate further.”