Kate Gosselin to Ex-Husband: HELP! I Need Money!

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We person a follow-up connected our previously-published communicative astir Kate Gosselin being successful a distressed fiscal situation.

And the follow-up goes similar this:

Kate Gosselin remains successful a distressed fiscal situation.

And, successful an unusual twist, she whitethorn request the assistance of her ex-husband successful bid to get backmost connected track.

Kate Gosselin photographKate Gosselin speaks during the HGTV conception of the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour astatine The Langham Huntington, Pasadena connected February 12, 2019 successful Pasadena, California. (Getty)

As antecedently elaborate close present connected The Hollywood Gossip, Gosselin is practically broke astatine this point.

She has a nursing degree, but sources archer In Touch Weekly that she’s made nary effort to get backmost into the healthcare concern since striking it large connected world tv mode backmost successful the time connected Jon & Kate Plus 8.

That bid went disconnected the aerial successful 2017.

Over the past six-plus years, Gosselin has appeared connected specified programs arsenic Kate Plus 8, Dancing With the Stars, Celebrity Wife Swap and Kate Plus Date.

Most recently, she was eliminated connected the archetypal occurrence of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test… which apt means she earned little wealth than those who precocious farther connected this Fox competition.

 World’s Toughest TestKate Gosselin is successful tears connected the amusement Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. (FOX)

In Touch truthful quotes an insider who says Gosselin is “desperate” astatine this point.

She is taking ineligible enactment and trying to get Jon to fork implicit $132,875 successful backmost kid enactment which, to beryllium clear, whitethorn precise good beryllium rightfully hers.

The wealth allegedly owed to her goes each the mode backmost to 2012 — which, again, does not mean she isn’t entitled to it.

It conscionable besides seems to beryllium an denotation that she isn’t bringing successful immoderate benignant of wage connected her ain these days.

Kate Gosselin connected  a reddish  carpetKate Gosselin arrives astatine the Zappos.com Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon connected December 2, 2012 successful Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Rock )

“She is relentless and hopeless for wealth truthful she is present trying to sue,” The Sun wrote of Kate this fall.

Adds the aforementioned In Touch source:

“As the ineligible conflict continues, she doesn’t cognize however she’s going to marque ends meet.”

Aside from the galore times she’s tried a world TV comeback, Kate Gosselin has said precise small successful nationalist for years now.

Kate Gosselin connected  TVKate Gosselin is backmost connected world TV. Here’s a look astatine the engaged parent connected thing called Special Forces. (FOX)

However, she was prompted backmost into the spotlight this summertime aft teenage lad Colin accused his parent of abuse.

The young antheral claimed his ma sent him distant to a peculiar needs instauration backmost erstwhile helium was 13 successful bid to fell the mode she had treated him.

This accusation caused Kate to contented a connection of her own.

I person ne'er wanted to person to bash this, but I consciousness I person been backed into a country and near with nary choice. Although it saddens maine to bash so, I request to talk retired nowKate said to unfastened a lengthy statement on Instagram astatine the time.

Kate Gosselin and Colin GosselinKate Gosselin nary longer speaks to lad Collin. It’s precise sad. (TLC)

My lad Collin, whom I emotion with each my heart, has received aggregate psychiatric diagnoses implicit the years.

For the information of myself, his brothers and sisters and for his ain well-being, helium was placed successful a installation pursuing years of outpatient attraction which proved insufficient for his needs.

The determination to admit him was made by exigency country doctors pursuing 1 of his galore attacks/outbursts — this 1 involving his usage of a weapon.

Jon Gosselin rescued Collin from this installation successful 2017 and was aboriginal awarded impermanent custody of him.

In September 2020, Jon was past accused of assaulting the mediocre child.

He defended himself against this complaint by stating astatine the clip that Collin was having a manic episode and helium was simply trying to restrain the young man.

This benignant of incident does seem to correlate with what Kate is saying astir Collin above.

Jon Gosselin connected  societal  mediaJon Gosselin is the king of the world! Sort of. He shared this photograph successful April 2023. (Instagram)

All measures that were taken successful our location were astatine the explicit proposal of his pediatric psychiatrist and/or his squad of specialists and were enactment into spot to safeguard each subordinate of our family, our friends arsenic good arsenic our household pets, concluded Kate successful July.

Unfortunately, I judge Collin remains a precise troubled young antheral who continues to request a batch of help.

His brothers and sisters and I person not been straight progressive successful his beingness owed to his past of unpredictable behaviour and convulsive tendencies towards us.

This is each I person to accidental connected the substance and I volition not beryllium discussing this taxable immoderate further astatine this time.