Kris Jenner Alarms Fans with “Insane Cheek Implants” in New Video

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Has the celebrated momager done a fig connected her beauteous face?

This summer, Kris Jenner’s “AI face” disturbed fans. She seemed to beryllium emulating Khloe Kardashian’s past mistakes — editing her look close into the uncanny valley.

Don’t worry. This time, this isn’t astir horrifying over-use of filters.

Unfortunately, what’s alarming fans this clip is Kris’ precise existent face. Did she bash thing “insane” to her cheeks?

Kris Jenner grows antiaircraft arsenic her girl confronts her connected The Kardashians. (Image Credit: Hulu)

For years, Kris Jenner has displayed a accordant (yet evolving) and dignified style. It’s amusive and it doesn’t property her, but it’s besides precise age-appropriate.

She precocious posted a video to speech astir a jewelry store successful New York that she recommends to her followers.

While talking astir earrings and her favourite decennary (the 1970s), Kris ended up distracting galore followers. Her Instagram Story video showcased her look … and thing seemed off.

A screenshot of Kris Jenner's Instagram Story featuring unusually salient  cheekbones.In Kris Jenner’s November 2023 Instagram video, her cheekbones struck immoderate fans arsenic unnerving and unnatural. Kris was conscionable trying to speech astir her caller jewelry. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Instagram Story posts don’t person accepted comments sections. But that didn’t halt her followers from taking the treatment elsewhere — to Reddit.

“Those feature implants are insane!!!” accused 1 redditor.

“Filtered to the max…and the earrings … tugging connected those receptor lobes,” they continued.

Kris Jenner wears a achromatic  blazer and speaks straight  to the confessional camera.Wearing white, Kris Jenner speaks precise straight astir what it was similar to pass with her ex-husband successful the ’90s aft they divorced. (Image Credit: Hulu)

“And to deliberation she’s already had her receptor lobes surgically shortened…” a commenter wrote.

That is true, and she has discussed the 30-minute process connected camera.

Another commented with a laugh: “She’s lit up present lmao.”

Clad each  successful  black, Kris Jenner speaks from the heart.Speaking connected the patio, Kris Jenner acknowledges that her precocious ex-husband helped her done immoderate of life’s hardest moments — adjacent aft their divorce. (Image Credit: Hulu)

As radical took announcement of her cheekbones, they began to comparison her to movie characters.

Or, arguably, to movie props.

One commenter likened her to the iconic representation from the Saw franchise. Another referred to V for Vendetta and the titular character’s Guy Fawkes mask. Neither of which amusement convincing quality faces.

Kris Jenner speaks emphatically and astatine  an space  connected  The Kardashians' confessional camera.On The Kardashians, Kris Jenner admits that her matter and consequent divorcement turned retired to beryllium the biggest mistake of my life. (Image Credit: Hulu)

It’s unclear if societal media has reached a statement connected precisely which process they judge that the momager underwent.

Cheek implants are a reasonably drastic procedure. Cheek fillers, however, could beryllium caller and minimally invasive.

In fact, feature fillers tin besides origin swelling, particularly close aft the injection. It’s possible that Kris’ look has calmed down since this video.

Kris Jenner spoke astir her daughter’s then-boyfriend connected Season 2 of The Kardashians, praising his deficiency of play and however helium gets on with the family. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Relatedly, this week, fans besides observed that 1 of Kris’ eyes appeared to beryllium swollen. Or, astatine the precise least, squinting much than usual.

Fans fearfulness that it mightiness beryllium from immoderate caused her cheeks to look truthful pronounced and exaggerated. Or from different ill-advised (but alleged) procedure.

We each conscionable anticipation that Kris is taking attraction of herself. She’s a momager and grandmomager to truthful many.