Leonard Leo’s firm got nearly $500K from conservative nonprofit, tax filing shows

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Leo presides implicit a multi-billion-dollar web of tax-exempt nonprofit groups and has utilized it, successful part, to signifier campaigns implicit the past decennary to instal the Supreme Court’s blimpish majority.

American for Public Trust is simply a nonprofit radical tally by the erstwhile probe manager for the National Republican Congressional Committee. The enactment often publically criticizes progressive alleged acheronian wealth groups that bash not person to disclose its donors. On Wednesday, it highlighted the taxation filings for a fig of progressive nonprofits, including the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

The group’s donations fell importantly betwixt 2021 and 2022, from astir $3.6 cardinal to $1.6 million. As a 501(c)(3) charity, it does not person to disclose its donors. Meanwhile, the magnitude paid to CRC Advisors betwixt 2021 and 2022 accrued from $470,092 to $480,905. The payments to Leo’s steadfast present represent astir 28 percent of its full expenditures.

A spokesperson for the radical did not instantly instrumentality a petition for further details astir CRC’s enactment for Americans for Public Trust.

Many of Leo’s aligned groups wage his for-profit company, CRC, and they are not required to disclose what services they are purchasing.

But Leo has declined to accidental what services were provided successful speech for astatine slightest $43 cardinal transferred to his institution successful the 2 years since helium had travel connected committee successful 2000. Leo, done an attorney, besides recently told POLITICO that helium is not cooperating with the D.C. investigation.

Previously, POLITICO’s probe recovered his ain idiosyncratic wealthiness appeared to person ballooned arsenic his fundraising prowess accelerated since 2016, erstwhile helium became an advisor to erstwhile President Donald Trump connected judicial nominations.