MAGA Mike Could Become Fired Mike As Johnson Walks Into McCarthy Trap

2 weeks ago 24

For each of his talk, Speaker Mike Johnson has projected a authorities backing measure that is conscionable similar the 1 that got Kevin McCarthy booted, and he’ll request Democratic votes to walk it.

Punchbowl News reported:

Overall, Johnson’s connection is fundamentally the aforesaid attack that erstwhile Speaker Kevin McCarthy was booted for — a cleanable CR astatine existent backing levels. Andhe’lll request Democrats to assistance walk it. But that’s the strategy Johnson decided connected pursuing extended meetings with Republicans from crossed his conference.

House Democratic leaders haven’t formally said they’ll urge a ballot against it. Remember: If much Democrats extremity up voting for this measure than Republicans, Johnson is successful trouble.

The occupation that Johnson volition beryllium successful doesn’t subordinate to passing a solution to support the authorities open. The occupation volition beryllium wrong his ain conference. MAGA Mike could soon go Fired Mike if House Republicans get frustrated capable with him.

Speaker Johnson is doing the rational happening with his CR legislation. No 1 extracurricular of the MAGA Chaos Caucus wants to unopen down the authorities earlier the holidays.

Johnson didn’t connect immoderate spending cuts oregon poison pills to the CR, truthful helium knows helium needs Democratic enactment to walk the solution successful the House, but if much Democrats ballot for the CR than Republicans, Johnson could beryllium going down the roadworthy that outgo Kevin McCarthy his job.

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