Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: Not Invited to King Charles’ Christmas …

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Last week, King Charles celebrated his 75th birthday successful the institution of friends, family, and a slew of aristocratic well-wishers.

Of course, overmuch was made of the information that lone one of the monarch’s 2 sons was connected manus for the occasion.

However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did telephone Charles connected the telephone and privation him a blessed birthday, and insiders accidental the king happily chatted with his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren for respective minutes.

It was a astonishing development, and galore hoped it would people the extremity of the long-simmering feud betwixt the Sussexes and the remainder of the royal family.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex conscionable with NATO Joint Force Command and families from Italy and Netherlands during time 5 of the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 connected September 14, 2023 successful Dusseldorf, Germany. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

But portion the telephone telephone might’ve marked the opening of bid talks, it seems that the 2 parties inactive person a batch of enactment to bash earlier they tin officially state a truce.

According to a caller study from UK paper the Sunday Times (via The Daily Beast), Harry and Meghan person not been invited to walk Christmas with Charles and household astatine Sandringham House.

And it does not look that immoderate specified invitation is forthcoming.

King Charles III departs the Coronation work astatine Westminster Abbey connected May 06, 2023 successful London, England. (Getty Images)

One insider tells the outlet that Meghan and Harry would apt judge specified an invitation amid the caller easing of tensions.

And that makes the snub each the much painful.

“I can’t ideate the Sussexes would diminution an invitation to walk clip with His Majesty,” says the source.

“As of yet, determination person not been immoderate invitations for the holidays.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be the 2020 UN Nelson Mandela Prize grant ceremonial astatine the United Nations successful New York connected July 18, 2022. (Getty)

Now, if you were raised successful a peculiarly sarcastic family, your parents mightiness person erstwhile said thing to you on the lines of “What, you request a ceremonial invitation to walk Christmas with us?”

The question is usually asked rhetorically, but successful Harry and Meghan’s case, it would beryllium answered with an unironic “yes!”

As you whitethorn recall, earlier this year, Charles evicted the Sussexes from Frogmore Cottage, which had served arsenic their location basal during visits to the UK.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex be the Wheelchair Basketball preliminary lucifer betwixt Ukraine and Australia during time 4 of the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 connected September 13, 2023 successful Dusseldorf, Germany. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Harry and Meghan besides clashed with the king implicit matters of security, arsenic Charles decided that UK taxpayers would nary longer ft the measure for the couple’s idiosyncratic extortion connected their trips to Harry’s location country.

Further complicating the contented is the information that Buckingham Palace has refused to let Harry to compensate royal information unit retired of his ain pocket.

According to the Sunday Times source, “Without information oregon a spot to enactment successful the UK, they present request a ‘formal invitation’ from the king oregon Buckingham Palace to beryllium capable to enactment connected ‘protected property’ that has capable information for the full family.”

And apparently, the king is inflexible connected this contented and has made it rather wide that

King Charles III stands aft being crowned during his coronation ceremonial successful Westminster Abbey, connected May 6, 2023 successful London, England. (Getty)

Royal aides told the insubstantial that “temporary accommodation for Harry connected the royal estate, which is covered by heightened protection, is apt to beryllium made disposable for him, erstwhile feasible, if requested for immoderate abbreviated visits.”

Sadly, it seems improbable that these issues volition beryllium sorted retired up of the vacation season.

As the Times root points out, Charles has ne'er spent a Christmas with Archie and Lili, “nor, it is thought, immoderate important clip with them. It is understood determination is heavy sadness connected some sides of the Atlantic astatine this presumption quo.”

And it looks arsenic though that volition stay existent for the foreseeable future.