Mike Johnson Projects Weakness With Empty Attack On Biden

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Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), the latest Republican Speaker and the 1 with the slightest experience, has accused President Biden of “projecting weakness” aft the Democratic President’s gathering with Xi Jinping, successful spite of the President calling Xi a dictator.

APEC was truly about:

Biden and Xi met during the APEC Economic Leaders acme successful San Francisco connected Wednesday arsenic portion of the U.S. big year. While they didn’t hold connected Taiwan, they did travel to a globally important willingness to cooperate and enactment successful dialogue. One accomplishment announced was the investments into the U.S. of astir $200 cardinal from companies successful APEC economies since the opening of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Secretary Blinken added colour to archetypal reports, saying connected CBS News “Yesterday we agreed that our militaries would commencement talking again astatine the astir elder levels and astatine the operational level. And this is simply a precise important mode of trying to debar a miscalculation, a mistake that could pb to conflict.”

Blinken besides pointed to the statement to crackdown connected chemicals utilized to manufacture fentanyl, which helium cited arsenic “the fig 1 slayer of Americans aged 18 to 49”.

The State Department said the U.S. “secured important outcomes” astir “priorities of sustainability and inclusion, integer innovation, and resilient and inclusive growth.” This docket touches connected nutrient insecurity, advancing sex equality, clime alteration and more.

Johnson said this makes Biden look weak:

“Anyone who looks astatine this objectively has to hold that President Biden is projecting weakness connected the satellite stage,” Johnson, who has said his overseas argumentation is based connected the “Bible,” said successful an interview connected Friday. “I americium from the Reagan school. He ever said we support bid done strength. He was precisely right.”

It’s unclear wherefore Johnson thinks maintaining diplomatic openings with China arsenic it aligns much and much with Russia against the United States and planetary ideology is “weakness.”

Does Johnson not recognize oregon is helium successful enactment of China, Russia, etc implicit the U.S.?

The Republican Speaker should beryllium asked what “peace done strength” looks similar – would helium nonstop U.S. troops into a WWIII against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea? Because that’s the authorities President Biden and his surrogates are delicately balancing arsenic Russia pushes for person alliances with different anti-democracy powers. This is 1 crushed wherefore Biden is talking to Xi.

Biden’s enactment connected the system versus Johnson’s

The improving U.S. system nether Biden is simply a assistance against China. Bloomberg reported thing astonishing successful August, “So acold this twelvemonth US gross home merchandise is increasing faster than China’s successful nominal terms.”

Inflation conscionable fell and jobs are booming.

Johnson is not the politician of Louisiana, and can’t beryllium held solely accountable for its mediocre showing economically, but helium besides hasn’t demonstrated immoderate quality to pb connected the system for his state, fto unsocial the federation and connected the planetary signifier successful economical concern with different countries. Johnson, meanwhile, represents a state that “sticks retired arsenic an outlier, landing 2nd to past successful a ranking of authorities GDPs arsenic a stock of nationalist GDP. A caller CNBC study besides listed Louisiana arsenic the second-worst authorities for concern — and labeled it 1 of the country’s ‘worst economies.'”

Johnson’s grounds arsenic a person truthful acold isn’t strong

Johnson was conscionable rescued by House Democrats days agone aft his Republican league was incapable to hold connected a backing measure to support the authorities open, truthful 1 tin beryllium forgiven for questioning his truthful acold failed diplomacy skills.

Johnson besides couldn’t find the “strength” to telephone for embattled Rep. George Santos (R-NY) to beryllium expelled from the House oregon adjacent to commencement their ain House probe aft the starkly damaging House morals study was released connected Thursday.

The study recovered that Santos committed fraud to specified an grade they concluded helium “sought to fraudulently exploit each facet of his House candidacy for his ain idiosyncratic fiscal profit.” He adjacent spent run funds connected OnlyFans. The study recommended his lawsuit to the Department of Justice.

Johnson lone managed to telephone it “troubling,” truthful 1 tin ideate however helium mightiness beryllium incapable of lasting up to a dictator.

Johnson’s relation arsenic Trump surrogate against the U.S. is troubling

Mike Johnson’s anti-democracy pushes bash not task “strength.” He was called the “architect” of 1/6, and helium has present promised Trump supporters he volition people online 40,000 hours of the tapes from 1/6 successful what appears to beryllium a GOP-led propulsion to whitewash 1/6 adjacent much and falsely blasted Antifa again.

A Republican was spotted connected TV connected Friday pushing the prevarication that Trump called the National Guard connected 1/6. Perhaps Trump’s/Republicans’ interior polling shows that inciting an insurrection against one’s ain state isn’t a large get retired the ballot tool.

A Colorado justice conscionable officially labeled Trump an insurrectionist. Is attacking his ain state Johnson’s thought of “strength”?

Empty attacks

Mike Johnson understandably wants to insult President Biden, that’s the codification for relevance successful Republican politics. But successful doing so, helium has lone highlighted his ain inability to adjacent get his House league to money the authorities for a abbreviated time, which is simply a occupation that utilized to beryllium taken for granted arsenic a fixed for the House.

What does Mike Johnson cognize astir adjacent cardinal diplomacy? Why is the Speaker of the U.S. House insulting the U.S. President implicit diplomacy with a overseas power, particularly erstwhile Johnson lacks aforesaid power to the constituent of requiring his lad to show his p*rn usage?

The Republican Party seems incapable of uncovering their bottom, and Mike Johnson won’t beryllium the 1 to rescue them from their nonaccomplishment to govern.

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