'My most important fight yet': Katie Taylor seeks to avenge loss to Chantelle Cameron

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  • Nick ParkinsonNov 21, 2023, 07:46 AM ET


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It has been much than 7 years since Katie Taylor past had to respond to defeat, but aft her nonaccomplishment to Chantelle Cameron successful May, she's embraced that emotion. For long-standing champions who suffer aboriginal successful their careers, immoderate whitethorn look astatine a nonaccomplishment arsenic a motion a vocation is nearing its decision -- but Taylor sees things differently.

Retirement is not connected the caput of Taylor (22-1, 6 KOs), 37, who insists she volition beryllium amended against Cameron (18-0, 8 KOs) successful their rematch Saturday. Cameron scored the bulk determination triumph with 2 of the judges scoring it 96-94 and the 3rd justice having it a draw.

"I'm not reasoning astir this combat volition beryllium my past fight, I'm not reasoning astir immoderate different result different than a win," Taylor told ESPN. "I consciousness precise caller and bully successful the gym, I consciousness I've got plentifulness of fights near successful me. I volition discontinue erstwhile I consciousness the clip is right. I've got nary volition of hanging up the gloves close now. Retirement ne'er came into my mindset aft the past fight, it's ne'er bully for immoderate combatant to beryllium reasoning astir status going into a fight."

Taylor, 1 of the biggest stars ever successful women's boxing, says determination were reasons down not being astatine her champion earlier this year, conscionable arsenic determination were successful 2016 erstwhile she was eliminated successful the quarterfinals of the Rio de Janeiro Games. The 2012 golden medalist described 2016 arsenic a twelvemonth of 'turmoil' for her boxing vocation and her family. Before the 2016 Olympics, Taylor's parents divided up and Katie decided to nary longer person her begetter arsenic her boxing coach.

After the disappointment and daze of losing astatine the Olympics, Taylor turned nonrecreational and made speedy progress. A twelvemonth aboriginal she won a satellite rubric and went connected to go undisputed satellite lightweight champion arsenic good arsenic winning a satellite rubric astatine inferior welterweight, with large wins implicit the likes of Jessica McCaskill, Natasha Jonas, Delfine Persoon (twice) and Amanda Serrano. The tally continued until earlier this year.

Cameron, 32, from Northampton who trains successful Manchester, outpunched Taylor successful Taylor's archetypal nonrecreational show connected location ungraded successful Ireland. Taylor, from Bray successful Ireland but who trains and lives successful Connecticut, is inactive the undisputed satellite lightweight champion arsenic Cameron's inferior welterweight belts were connected the enactment erstwhile they met. Taylor volition erstwhile again situation the Englishwoman for her 4 belts, backmost astatine the indoor astatine the 3Arena successful Dublin.

"I deliberation nonaccomplishment causes you to analyse things a small spot much and that's been the lawsuit for this fight," Taylor said. "I deliberation that's wherever each the maturation happens, erstwhile you endure a nonaccomplishment you are forced to look astatine each azygous origin and I consciousness a amended boxer than earlier now.

"The mentation is amended [for the rematch] and I consciousness a batch amended going into this fight, I consciousness successful apical signifier and I americium looking guardant to showing my champion connected the existent night. I deliberation everyone could spot that I decidedly wasn't astatine my champion successful the past fight, truthful I'm looking guardant to getting things close for the adjacent one.... This campy has been precise different. I don't privation to grow o nit. I fell abbreviated connected the night. I consciousness mentally and physically amended going into this one. I'm precise grateful to get a 2nd accidental to marque things right."

Avenging her lone nonrecreational nonaccomplishment is Taylor's lone extremity connected Saturday. Cameron, the undisputed satellite inferior welterweight champion who has present won six satellite rubric fights successful a row, was busier than Taylor successful the archetypal fight. Cameron landed much full punches (141 to 111) and much powerfulness punches (114 to 90) than Taylor, according to CompuBox.

"I've prepared for what ever comes my way, she has a precocious enactment complaint and she volition bring that to the array connected the night," Taylor said. "It would beryllium 1 of the champion wins of my vocation [to bushed Cameron astatine the weekend]. This 1 feels special. I'm looking guardant to the revenge I conjecture and I emotion going into these fights wherever radical are doubting me.... I'm not saying there's immoderate other unit this clip astir due to the fact that each combat has pressure, but this is astir apt my astir important combat yet successful my career. This is simply a indispensable triumph fight."