No Labels’ call: Speaker Mike Johnson is 'not a Trump Republican'

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He worked with Trump connected the matter. And the erstwhile president has embraced him successful return. On Wednesday, Trump triumphantly called the caller talker “MAGA MIKE JOHNSON!” successful a societal media post.

Though No Labels has tried to situate itself arsenic a bipartisan, communal consciousness alternate to some parties, Democrats person raised concerns the group’s planned third-party bid volition wounded Biden’s reelection efforts. No Labels maintains that its ngo appeals to some parties. It has cited Trump’s electoral claims, and specifically his effort “to disrupt the peaceful transportation of powerfulness aft helium mislaid the 2020 election” arsenic 1 of the cardinal reasons it opposes him.

On Wednesday’s call, Fitzpatrick said, “We basal by the information that Joe Biden was legitimately elected president of the United States.” He acknowledged that determination were “some irregularities” successful immoderate states but not to the grade Trump claimed. “It didn’t alteration the result of the election,” helium said.

“We disagree with Mike connected that,” Fitzpatrick continued. “And I’m not definite Mike would bash the aforesaid happening today.”

Biden, for his part, dismissed concerns that Johnson would overturn 2024 predetermination results arsenic speaker. “Just similar I was not disquieted that the past feline would beryllium capable to overturn the election,” Biden said successful a property league connected Wednesday.

On the No Labels call, during which lone Republican lawmakers spoke, members tried to overgarment Johnson arsenic idiosyncratic who did not correspond the close helping of the party. “He’s not adjacent a subordinate of the Freedom Caucus,” Fitzpatrick said, referring to the ultra-conservative radical of lawmakers.

Instead, Fitzpatrick pointed out, Johnson chaired the Republican Study Committee.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.), different subordinate of the Problem Solvers Caucus, described Johnson arsenic having “a precise humble spirit” and being “approachable and “upbeat” and a antheral of “decency.”

“He provided a vision. And I deliberation enactment starts with a imaginativeness right? He gave a imaginativeness that was not arsenic hyper-partisan,” said Bacon.