No Ticking Clocks: Top 14 Picks 2022

We've tested these top-rated No ticking clocks from 5,095 reviews of customers in April 2022, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the No ticking clocks from well-known brands: Peakeep, Yeyo, Presentime, Lonbuys, Ayrely, Junzan, Ocest, Tamengi, Driini, Beesealy, Hosekea ep.

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  • ★【Bring Your Wall to Life】: This elegant design brings any space's wall into life. A great addition to home or office, such as living room bedroom, kitchen, patio, backyard, office, school, cabin
  • ★【 Size 】: 9.3 inch in diameter, making it a great size for any space
  • ★【Premium Components】: Accurate Quartz Movement: High accuracy +/- 1 second per day. (Operates on 1 x AA battery, not included.) Hands are made of premium aluminium metal to last long.
  • ✅MATERIAL AND SIZE: White background black number ABS-framed wall clock measures 12 inches in diameter,Classic 12 inch wall clock.
  • ✅QUIET WALL CLOCK: Non ticking which provides a peaceful and comfortable good sleeping and working environment for you. Noiseless Quartz movement gurantees accurate time.
  • ✅BATTERIES AND INSTALL:Requires one AA alkaline battery (not included).Back nail slot offers easy installation.All number use 3D large size numbers, making it easier to read,and highlights increase the layering of the clock.
  • 【Silent Non Ticking】The sweep second hand does not make any annoying noise, completely tick-tock sound free and perfect for working and sleeping environments.
  • 【Managing Time】 Use desk clock to decorate your bedroom or living room, reduce the frequency of using mobile phones, and reduce the excessive dependence of teenagers, children and people on mobile phones. . Develop good habits of punctuality and time management.
  • 【Easy To Set】Simple On/Off switch starts the alarm setting. Turn knobs to set the clock time and alarm time. Press button to activate the backlight in the darkness.
  • [Perfect Decoration]: Both practical and decorative, the creative clock with oil painting texture brings a unique artistic atmosphere to your space, you can share it with your family and friends in your bedroom, bathroom, living room together!
  • [Battery Operation]: To calibrate the time, first move all the hands to the twelve o'clock position, then put in one AA battery (not included) to finally adjust to the exact time.
  • [Easy Hanging]: Equipped with a transparent plastic stand, it can be easily placed on the table. Also the round wall clock has a hole slot on the back, easy to hang on the wall.
  • ★【It's In The Details】: Hand painted Antique Golden finish on the front case and Rustic Grey Oak finish on the rear case. Vintage clock face design enriches style.
  • ★【Bring Your Wall To Life】: This elegant design brings any space into life. A great addition to chic home or office, such as living room bedroom, kitchen, patio, backyard, office, school, cabin, fireplace..etc
  • ★【Premium Components】: Accurate Quartz Movement: High accuracy +/- 1 second per day. Operates on 1 x AA battery, not included. Hands are made of premium aluminium metal to last long. High grade glass lens protects the clock and prevents dust from clock dials.
  • Multi-function Clock: 6 inches basic dial quartz clock, non ticking quiet sweep second hand, accurate timer. A convenient alarm on/off switch is located on back where it is easy to reach, simple operated. Can work as desk clock, alarm clock, travel clock, wall clock meet your different using requirements.
  • Great Gift Analog Clock: Great gift for Fathers, Mothers, Teachers, Seniors, Elderly, Children, Kids, Girls. An excellent gift idea for Birthdays, Housewarmings, Graduations and College. Battery operated Analog Alarm Clock, powered by 1 x AA battery(Not Included).
  • Humanized Design: Designed with 2 different placement methods, you can easy to hang it on a wall or let it stand on a table. The silent wall clock are made of sturdy plastic case and glass lens, makes it easy to clean and remain well function and dry in any weather condition.
  • Light weight and easy to hang, no frame, no cover, the numbers are large enough, and use boldface, make it easy to watch.
  • Occasion: Living room, Bedroom, Laundry room, Kitchen, Office, Villa, or anywhere in the home, made in US
  • Size: 30x30cm (12"x12"); Thick: only 5 mm
  • FITS IN ANYWHERE – Display your laser-engraved pinewood clock on your living room mantel, kitchen counter, or bookshelf. At 4.3 in. across, it nests nicely into a wide variety of narrow spaces.
  • THE CLOCK YOU PINE FOR – Stay on schedule with your contemporary minimalist clock from Driini. Your pinewood clock makes itself at home with subdued design and unobtrusively silent analog operation.
  • SIMPLE SETUP – Put a single AA battery (not included) behind the wooden backplate and turn the setting knob to your desired time. Watch as the silent hands start to glide through the hours—that’s it!
  • Quiet, non-ticking wall clock: precise quartz sweep frequency movement can ensure accurate time and absolutely quiet environment, bringing you a comfortable living and working state.
  • Full satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the order for any reason, please contact us directly, and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.
  • Easy to use: The wide slot on the back makes it easy to hang. Please use 1 "AA" carbon battery (not included) instead of the high-load battery. The ideal wall clock for offices, classrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and any room in the home.
  • ★【It's In The Details】: Specially designed round shape barn door with shiplap style is made of 9mm thick Engineered Wood plus classic cream white barn door finish. The outer circumference is crafted from solid wrought iron with classic metallic black finish.
  • ★【 Size 】: 24 inch in diameter, making it a great size for any space"
  • ★【 Enjoy the Silence- Accurate & Quiet Sweeping Quartz Movement 】: No ticking sound at night gives you a sweet dream through the whole night. 1 x AA battery for operation, not included
  • SILENT QUARTZ MOVEMENT : Quiet,Super quiet, Super silent , Alarm clock for bedroom does not emit any mechanical rotating sound during operation, ensuring a good sleep and the best working environment.
  • ENERGY SAVING : Shelf clock use battery operated,Only 1*AA battery can be used for one year or more (Please use 1*AA carbon zinc battery, install the battery +/- pole correctly)
  • TRENDY & VINTAGE : The small table clock is composed of a gold base, a pink metal shell, a simple digital dial and a curved glass face cover. The trendy vintage design is suitable for bedrooms, shelf, living room, office, bedside, counter.
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Before purchasing the No ticking clocks, there are a few things that a consumer should complete

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Completing a few steps will guide you to the No ticking clocks. To begin with, a person should establish their needs as well as the factors that will drive their decision-making.

They must next investigate all accessible alternatives in order to recognize which items fit those requirements and specifications. After that, the purchaser must limit their decision based on variables such as price and trustworthiness.

This step is required since not all things are affordable or have desired properties such as performance and durability.

1. Determine the right product

Before making a purchase, you should thoroughly investigate the product's advantages and warranties.

There are several sources where one may discover product reviews, such as this one. If this item has no ratings, it might be better to look for another alternative.

Significantly related to customer satisfaction, any warnings or danger signs on the packaging, and whether or not the firm guarantees its products are all things people need to look for in examinations.

When examining an item, this analysis is valuable since it frequently provides insight into how well-made the object is and what people think of it, allowing you to decide whether or not to buy things online without first checking it out.

Furthermore, increasing awareness on websites such as Amazon or visiting internet communities where people discuss these sorts of things in depth to see how others perceive such items is one method to study the No ticking clocks.

When making a significant decision like purchasing a new product, the more details you have, the better!

2. Look at other people's feedback

Getting the correct product in 2022 for your requirements might be complicated. There are so many selections and details that deciding what to buy may be challenging, particularly when every commercial claims that their product is the top!

When buying a product, it is necessary to read customer reviews to see what others say about it. When reading these evaluations, it's essential to pay attention to the upsides and downsides of each service so you can decide whether or not this is the product for your needs.

Reading reviews from other buyers who have previously bought that item listed or just tried it out might provide an explanation.

3. Check product prices and qualities

Have you ever done your research on a product's features and costs before purchasing it? The principal purpose is to assist individuals in selecting the top product at the most reasonable rate.

Researching devices and comparing their characteristics and expenses is the initial step in this process. It supports the selection of what one desires. It also protects you from making an impulsive purchase because you saw a fantastic deal on a particular product.

After identifying what people want or desire, the following step is to determine how reputable the company's website is.

Some websites are unreliable, leading to stealing money or poor products being ordered, while others are more reliable.

We propose the following reliable companies for you to consider when it comes to No ticking clocks models: Peakeep, Yeyo, Presentime, Lonbuys, Ayrely, Junzan, Ocest, Tamengi, Driini, Beesealy, Hosekea ep.

4. Look for promotions or discounts

When choosing the ideal product, it is necessary to save money by looking for discounts or vouchers before purchasing the optimal conclusion. It will enable you to find the best deal on your selected item and give you an advantage if any values include free delivery. 

Some businesses even offer a clearance area where prices are reduced to take place in their inventory. These things may be reduced because they are outdated or no longer available, but they may still be excellent and worth considering!

You may always ask your friends what their favorite retailers are and what savings they've gotten from them!

5. Think about whether you want a new or used item

A primary element for a buyer is whether they choose new or used goods. Both have benefits and downsides, so it's critical to think about your objectives before choosing a purchase.

Although new items might be more pricey than used ones, new products frequently come with guarantees that cover you over several years against product problems.

When you buy anything secondhand, you never know what quality it will be in when it gets at your door - or even if it will get at all!

You also don't get protection with used things, which might save you money on insurance in the future.

6. Before purchasing the product, ask a friend or family member

Before making a purchase, it's usually a good idea to conduct some research. When you're out looking for a new item, it's a good idea to ask your friends and family what they believe.

Not only will this protect your money by preventing you from making a costly mistake by buying something that isn't worth the money, but it may also provide you with insight into another planned investment.

If you don't have any family or friends willing to share their opinions on things with you, try reaching out to strangers on social networking sites such as Facebook.


Analyzing your goals and requirements, comparing pricing points, studying reviews and ratings, and asking for guidance or suggestions from friends or family members who have used the product in question before purchasing it are all things a consumer should do before buying the No ticking clocks.

When looking for the most significant goods, it's essential to keep these factors in mind because they may help you determine what will make a purchase worthwhil

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