One Answer From Jim Jordan Exposes The Failure Of His Biden Investigation

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Rep. Jim Jordan’s reply revealed that aft astir a twelvemonth of investigating Biden, they person nary caller grounds and are relying connected Russian propaganda.

Jordan was inactive selling his debunked Weiss was denied his petition to beryllium named a peculiar counsel successful the Hunter Biden probe and helium said:

I astir surely was a denial due to the fact that helium asked for it successful the outpouring of 2022 and helium wasn’t fixed it and helium asked for it, the timing I deliberation is important, Maria, due to the fact that helium asked for it close earlier helium went to the US lawyer successful the District of Columbia to inquire astir partnering with the District of Columbia US attorney. And I asked him specifically, I said, erstwhile you asked to spouse with different US attorney, what does that mean? He says, spouse successful prosecuting the case. So asked the US lawyer of the District of Columbia, tin you spouse with maine to prosecute Hunter Biden successful the District of Columbia?

And conjecture what years that was focused on? Guess what that complaint was going to be? That was going to beryllium the taxation years that dealt with the Burisma income. And the US lawyer told him no. And astatine the aforesaid clip earlier helium goes there, helium asks, tin I person peculiar lawyer status? And the Department of Justice turns him down that to maine is huge, hugely important due to the fact that the Barista years wherever each that income coming into Hunter Biden that statute of limitation, they fto it expire and I deliberation it expires due to the fact that if they spell there, that takes them close backmost to the White House, close backmost to Joe Biden.


Jim Jordan has spent astir a twelvemonth connected this Biden investigation, and each he's got is Burisma, "Guess what twelvemonth and complaint was going to beryllium that was going to beryllium the taxation years that dealt with the Burisma income."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 12, 2023

It is each the aforesaid brainsick loop of unending nonsense.

The ‘scandal’ that House Republicans are relying connected for Biden’s impeachment was debunked years ago. There is witnesser grounds from the existent probe that debunks the claims of House Republicans.

House Republicans person spent millions of payer dollars connected this investigation, and they person nothing.

By retreating backmost to Burisma, Jim Jordan is exposing the nonaccomplishment of the GOP efforts.

Republicans are inactive going to effort to usage Burisma to impeach Biden, but they person already miserably failed to physique a Biden scandal.

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