Plaid taps Adyen executive to lead its European operations

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Plaid's caller caput of Europe, Brian Dammeir.


U.S. fiscal exertion steadfast Plaid has hired erstwhile Adyen enforcement Brian Dammeir arsenic its caller caput of Europe, the institution told CNBC exclusively.

Dammeir was antecedently Adyen's planetary caput of unified commerce, a relation helium led retired of the Dutch outgo company's San Francisco office. Dammeir oversaw a cardinal portion of Adyen's concern — joining up antithetic outgo experiences including online, in-store, and app-based, successful 1 azygous platform.

Dammeir volition instrumentality implicit the reins from Ripsy Bandourian, who antecedently oversaw the company's enlargement crossed Europe, astatine a pivotal clip for the institution arsenic it branches retired into different areas of concern including payments and lending.

Plaid, which was past valued by investors astatine $13.4 cardinal successful a backing round, offers exertion that enables fiscal exertion apps to retrieve information from people's slope accounts and initiate payments connected their behalf.

It is portion of a question successful concern and exertion known arsenic "open banking," which encourages the opening up of fiscal information to non-bank fiscal institutions to promote contention successful the sector.

Dammeir told CNBC successful an exclusive interrogation Monday that the happening helium was astir excited by successful joining the institution was "the accidental astir unfastened finance," an improvement connected unfastened banking that looks to innovate successful each areas of finance, including lending.

"When we deliberation astir Europe, it's astir however tin we beryllium much applicable globally … however tin we find much and much usage cases extracurricular of our starting constituent successful fintech." Dammeir told CNBC.

"Right now, that's truly astir expanding into account-to-account payments arsenic good arsenic into lending and accepted banking," helium added.

Bandourian, a former executive, was appointed the company's first caput of Europe last year. She worked with Keith Grose, formerly Plaid's caput of international, who has since near the concern to articulation business-to-business billing level Sequence.

Bandourian near Plaid to "pursue different passions," a institution spokesperson told CNBC via email. Dammeir had interacted with executives astatine Plaid for "more than a decade," the spokesperson added.

Dammeir didn't instrumentality his determination to discontinue Adyen lightly. The longtime fintech enforcement held positions astatine Adyen successful its North American and European offices for much than 8 years, starting successful product, earlier graduating onto wide absorption and strategy crossed North America and Europe.

Dammeir said that Plaid wanted to promote a broader question toward alleged "open finance," which would alteration the instauration of innovative caller products successful lending, insurance, and different parts of the concern ecosystem.

Payments has been a large absorption for Plaid beyond fiscal data, with outgo volumes connected the level having climbed much than 90% successful 2023.

Now, Plaid is looking to enactment with partners beyond conscionable fintechs, Dammeir indicated, without sharing names of immoderate of its imaginable aboriginal partners. The institution already works with the likes of Monzo,, Public, and Moneybox.