Pritzker launches abortion rights group Think Big America

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A fig of termination rights nonprofits already enactment connected measures to codify termination rights, and Think Big America would adhd a caller flush of currency from the personally affluent Illinois governor.

Think Big America is modeled aft NextGen America, a acheronian wealth radical founded by billionaire Tom Steyer that advocated connected clime change.

Nine members of Pritzker’s governmental team, including Mike Ollen, who was Pritzker’s run manager, person stayed successful spot since his reelection run past twelvemonth and volition divided their clip betwixt the governor’s governmental enactment and moving the caller organization.

The group’s committee of directors includes respective Pritzker allies, including businessperson Desirée Rogers, who worked successful President Barack Obama’s administration, Illinois authorities Rep. Margaret Croke and Chicago Ald. Michelle Harris, 3 advisers to the governor.

The radical besides has an oculus for expanding down the roadworthy to code issues specified arsenic publication bans, LGBTQ rights oregon gender-affirming care, issues wherever Democrats person often played defence successful caller years.

“Extremism poses an existential menace to our democracy. And I instrumentality this menace precise seriously,” Pritzker says successful a video astir the caller group.

The Democratic politician announced his caller enactment a time aft taking portion successful the yearly fundraising luncheon for the Chicago-based Personal PAC, which supports candidates who backmost termination rights.

Pritzker’s squad isn’t sharing however overmuch he’s seeded to get Think Big America up and running. For now, he’s the sole funder, but arsenic a governmental advocacy nonprofit, the radical takes donations. It declined to accidental if it would marque consequent donors public.

Pritzker has agelong been progressive with termination rights. He often shares that helium attended termination rights marches with his mother, and helium signed the Reproductive Health Act of 2019, which protects entree to reproductive wellness attraction successful the authorities of Illinois — including termination — into law. The politician besides contributed to termination rights efforts successful Kansas, Wisconsin and Ohio successful the past twelvemonth and a half.