Rachel Maddow Explains Why GOP Congressional Violence Is A Threat To Democracy

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Rachel Maddow says that the flare-up of Republican unit successful Congress represents a menace to democracy.

Maddow said connected CBS’s The Late Show:

It’s truthful anserine and hilarious and besides ace scary and bad. And that’s our lives now. That’s the Venn diagram wherever we unrecorded close successful the mediate of ace anserine and truly atrocious because, I mean, the happening that’s atrocious is that 1 of the things you ticker for successful a ideology successful information is for unit to commencement encroaching connected the governmental space.

People doing mean governmental things. Going to a hearing, being a canvass worker, certifying an predetermination result. Those radical are intimidated. Or threatened with unit oregon really subjected to violence. When that starts happening, it means mean radical get retired of politics. And it becomes a spot for brawlers and for radical to instrumentality powerfulness by force.

That’s 1 of the large informing signs. And for these guys to beryllium playing with it virtually wrong the Senate is truthful anserine and besides truthful bad.


What happens erstwhile unit starts to encroach connected the governmental space? Rachel @Maddow explains.#Colbert pic.twitter.com/ZUJppPHhvM

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) November 15, 2023

Trump has been attempting to normalize unit for years. His 2016 run rallies contained regular threats of violence. The years of the normalization of unit culminated successful the 1/6 onslaught connected the Capitol.

What happened connected Tuesday wasn’t immoderate cartoon quality legislator from Oklahoma wanted to propulsion down with a witness, but it was a idiosyncratic who tried to usage his governmental presumption and powerfulness to incite unit against idiosyncratic who had criticized him.

As Maddow pointed out, the country itself was comic due to the fact that of however Sen. Mullin acted, but it besides represents an erosion of antiauthoritarian values and more question wrong the Republican Party toward fascism.

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