Ron DeSantis got the popular Iowa governor's endorsement. But does it really matter?

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Kale Iadcham, 25, is undecided. "I deliberation a batch of radical enactment the politician successful this authorities and her enactment for Ron [DeSantis] is perfectly gonna boost him."

Landing Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’ endorsement was the archetypal spot of bully quality for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seemingly successful forever.

Suddenly, the communicative surrounding his run wasn’t astir his lagging fundraising oregon anemic polling — oregon his rival Nikki Haley’s rise.

Instead, arsenic DeSantis joined Reynolds successful beforehand of crowds of supporters successful the first-in-the-nation caucus state, helium looked similar a campaigner inactive precise overmuch successful this race. He was, Reynolds said, idiosyncratic who “gets things done.” She called the Florida politician “one of the astir effectual leaders that I person ever seen.”

The lasting interaction of the endorsement is doubtful, of course. Endorsements tin substance successful statesmanlike races. Just look astatine what Rep. James Clyburn’s backing did for now-President Joe Biden up of the South Carolina superior helium rode to the information successful 2020.

But the occupation for DeSantis is that the frontrunner successful the GOP superior isn’t immoderate Republican equivalent of a Pete Buttigieg or, even, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

It’s Donald Trump.

And arsenic overmuch arsenic Iowa Republicans whitethorn similar Reynolds, they similar the erstwhile president a lot, too. A Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll past week showed Trump moving up of DeSantis and Haley, the erstwhile South Carolina governor, by 27 percent points.

Where a Reynolds endorsement could genuinely substance for DeSantis is successful the contention for 2nd place. In the Iowa poll, helium was tied with Haley astatine 16 percent. DeSantis is banking it each connected Iowa, having shifted unit and resources there. He needs to look arsenic the starring alternate to Trump. The assistance Reynolds tin supply DeSantis whitethorn conscionable beryllium by making it close.

David Siders contributed to this report.