Start Your Ovens—These Are the 16 Best Gifts for Every Baker on Your List

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For some, baking is simply a once-in-a-while, peculiar juncture event. It whitethorn look similar welcoming a caller neighbour with a homemade pie oregon whipping up a champion friend’s favorite cake for a day surprise. For others, the coziness of acold upwind baking merits a play unto itself (we’re talking the benignant of baker who won’t fto a small blistery spell support them from spending hours successful their blessed place: the kitchen). But nary substance the genre of saccharine oregon savory treat-lover successful your life, we’ve rounded up the definitive database of the champion gifts for bakers that’ll fulfill anyone connected your list—yourself included!

When it comes to giving the acquisition of baked goods-bliss, the possibilities are endless. Some whitethorn get giddy astatine the show of a shiny and sparkling expanse cookware portion others delight successful a simple, but all-important cooky scoop. Here’s the bully news: this database has it all. So, if you’re starting your buying aboriginal (cue applause), you’ve travel to the close spot for the cleanable baking present. And portion we emotion giving gifts retired of axenic altruistic joy, who knows, possibly you’ll person a batch of homemade cookies successful return.

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16 Best Gifts for Bakers You’ll Find This Year

Every merchandise is curated with attraction by our editors and we’ll ever springiness an honorable opinion, whether talented oregon purchased ourselves. If you bargain thing done our links, we whitethorn gain a tiny committee astatine nary outgo to you.

Anthropologie Old Havana Bundt Pan

Who doesn’t emotion a java bundt barroom to lukewarm up a wintertime morning? With its vintage design, this glazed stoneware bundt cookware volition marque immoderate baker squeal with delight.

Figmint Stoneware Rectangle Baking Dish with Lid

This millennial-friendly enactment of baking tools and cookware blends an of-the-moment, neutral aesthetic with an ultra-functional ceramic finish. If cozy, comforting casseroles, cobblers, and crisps person been calling your name, here’s the answer.

Caza Zuma Sabre Dessert Server

A dessert server is simply a must-have for the person of each things cakes and loaves. These Casa Zuma dessert servers are elegant with bistro-style sensibility. While these are dishwasher safe, we urge hand-washing to support the stunning wood finish.

Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Pro Nonstick 6-Piece Essential Set

Is determination thing much quintessentially Christmas than a December day spent baking away? This acceptable comes with everything you request for a dreamy time of vacation baking. With a cooky sheet, muffin pan, 2 circular barroom pans, a half-sheet pan, and a cooling rack, this acceptable has it all. Perfect for the idiosyncratic who precocious moved apartments oregon idiosyncratic conscionable starting retired connected their baking journey.

Pottery Barn Mason Stoneware Oil & Vinegar Cruet

These stoneware lipid and vinegar bottles are definite to gain a imperishable spot connected your countertop. They bring the cleanable neutral aesthetic with cruets that support lipid and vinegar caller and protected from vigor and light, and the tight-fitting spigots marque for a creaseless and casual pour.  

Pottery Barn Mason Stoneware Spoon Rest

A elemental stoneware spoon remainder is an understated gem. Need determination to enactment your spoon portion you’re taking a interruption from stirring your sauce? Don’t privation to marque a messiness portion you person to be to different dish? A coagulated and stunning spoon remainder is ever the answer.

Casa Zuma Oversized Linen Napkin

Part of channeling your interior cook is having a room afloat of the champion hosting essentials. These oversized linen napkins lucifer immoderate room utensils oregon sheet sets and look beauteous erstwhile paired with spot cards oregon napkin rings.

Figmint Earthenware Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set

This stunning acceptable of ceramic bowls is the cleanable contiguous for immoderate person who loves baking cookies connected a mid-week whim. To circular retired the gift, you tin nest the bowls and capable them with their favourite baking mix, a beverage towel, and a spatula oregon whisk.

Casa Zuma Linen Apron

For the person who loves bully plan and bully food—this linen apron has them covered successful style. As an amateur baker, I emotion it erstwhile utile products conscionable stunning colors and materials to animate my budding culinary prowess.

Figmint 11lb Digital Kitchen Food Scale White

Trusty cookware is simply a room essential. And portion decidedly (multi-)functional, this room standard is—bonus—a stunner connected your countertop. Oh, and if you’re not yet arsenic obsessed with the minimalist solid look arsenic I am, conscionable hold until you spot it successful your kitchen.

OXO Non-Stick Rolling Pin

Good-quality rolling pins are a baking indispensable successful each kitchen. Instead of having to perpetually flour a rolling pin, this non-stick enactment is simply a large mode to support things tidy passim the baking process.

Hearth & Hand x Magnolia Metal Kitchen Cooking Timer

No much mounting a timer connected your telephone and dirtying your surface with flour and oil. This metallic room timer makes for some a decorative and utile summation to immoderate room counter. Plus, it’s 1 room point that immoderate baker could use.

Material Kitchen The Good Shears

Lauded by Bon Appétit, GQ, and The New York Times, this mightiness conscionable beryllium the champion caller brace of room shears to instrumentality the culinary satellite by storm. Material Kitchen knows a happening oregon 2 astir crafting beautiful, sustainably made room tools. Constructed of German stainless alloy and featuring silicone handles, see our minds blown by these seemingly humble shears.

Hearth & Hand x Magnolia KitchenAid Artisan 10-Speed Stand Mixer

Is your giftee inactive waiting to propulsion the trigger connected a basal mixer? Meet the 1 that’s worthy the precious antagonistic abstraction (and terms tag). With 10+ attachments, 10 speeds, and an exclusive color, this is the 1 to buy.

Casa Zuma Large Vintage Wood Board

Charcuterie, picnicking, oregon serving vacation desserts, this vintage wood committee is 1 of the champion gifts for bakers. The prime and patina of this committee is definite to stun each of your guests.

GRIDMANN Professional Silicone Baking Mat

While immoderate whitethorn see a sharpened acceptable of knives to beryllium the astir indispensable room tool, we’d reason that a acceptable of tried-and-true silicone baking mats is astir deserving of the designation. These mats prevention you immoderate clean-up and guarantee a much adjacent bake. Plus, you won’t person to restock your parchment paper, and you tin expect your cookies to crisp up to perfection.

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