Taxpayers Should Not Pay George Santos Another Dime Of Congressional Salary

2 weeks ago 24

Rep. George Santos’s announcement that helium volition not question reelection is not bully enough. Republicans request to expel Santos truthful that helium can’t cod his legislature salary.

The investigative findings uncover a blatant level of transgression fraud and corruption:

Representative Santos sought to fraudulently exploit each facet of his House candidacy for his ain idiosyncratic fiscal profit.

He blatantly stole from his campaign.

He deceived donors into providing what they thought were contributions to his run but were successful information payments for his idiosyncratic benefit.

He reported fictitious loans to his governmental committees to induce donors and enactment committees to marque further contributions to his run – and past diverted much run wealth to himself arsenic purported “repayments” of those fictitious loans.

He utilized his connections to precocious worth donors and different governmental campaigns to get further funds for himself done fraudulent oregon different questionable concern dealings.

And helium sustained each of this done a changeless bid of lies to his constituents, donors, and unit astir his inheritance and experience.

Santos announced aft the merchandise of a 56-page morals study detailing respective crimes that helium is accused of committing to triumph his seat, “It is simply a disgusting politicized smear that shows the depths of however debased our national authorities has sunk. Everyone who participated successful this sedate miscarriage of Justice should each beryllium ashamed of themselves. I volition nevertheless NOT beryllium seeking re-election for a 2nd word successful 2024 arsenic my household deserves amended than to beryllium nether the weapon from the property each the time.”

Allowing Santos to enactment successful the House for different twelvemonth positive and cod his legislature wage and benefits would beryllium a transgression against the taxpayers. Several members of the House wanted to hold until the Ethics Committee study was released earlier they would ballot to expel Santos.

The Ethics Committee study is in, and it is adjacent worse than imagined.

If Republicans let Santos to enactment successful the House, they volition beryllium allowing a apt transgression to instrumentality hundreds of thousands of dollars successful payer funds for a occupation that helium should not hold.

House Republicans volition beryllium dooming themselves if they garbage to expel George Santos.

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