Taylor Swift Pens Emotional Message in Wake of Tragic Concert Goer’s Death

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Taylor Swift has spoken retired successful the aftermath of a tragedy.

The instrumentalist posted a handwritten enactment connected her Instagram Story precocious Friday successful which she said that her bosom was “shattered” by the passing of a instrumentality up of her performance astatine Estadio Nilton Santos successful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to assorted outlets, the instrumentality successful question was lone 23 years old.

She died reportedly from vigor stroke-related causes.

Taylor Swift successful  concertTaylor Swift performs during her Eras Tour astatine Sofi stadium successful Inglewood, California, August 7, 2023. (Michael Tran / AFP/Getty)

“I can’t judge I’m penning these words, but it’s with a shattered bosom that I accidental we mislaid a instrumentality earlier contiguous earlier my show,” Swift wrote successful her societal media statement.

She continued arsenic follows:

“I can’t adjacent archer you however devastated I americium by this.

“There’s precise small accusation I person different than the information she was truthful incredibly beauteous and acold excessively young.”


Local performance organizer Time For Fun confirmed the decease of Ana Clara Benavides Machado connected Friday, releasing a connection that work successful part:

“Last night, Ana Clara felt unwell and was promptly attended to by the squad of firefighters and paramedics, being taken to the Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos [on-site medic] for archetypal assistance protocol.

“Given the situation, the aesculapian squad chose to transportation her to Salgado Filho Hospital, where, aft astir an hr of exigency care, she unluckily died.”

A origin of decease for Machado has not been publically revealed.

Taylor Swift connected  the reddish  carpet Taylor Swift attends “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” Concert Movie World Premiere astatine AMC The Grove 14 connected October 11, 2023 successful Los Angeles, California. (Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Swift — who played the archetypal of 3 shows astatine Estadio Nilton Santos past nighttime — added that she would not beryllium capable to talk astir the fan’s decease during her performances, explaining connected Instagram:

“I’m not going to beryllium capable to talk astir this from signifier due to the fact that I consciousness overwhelmed by grief erstwhile I adjacent effort to speech astir it.

“I privation to accidental present I consciousness this nonaccomplishment profoundly and my breached bosom goes retired to her household and friends.

“This is the past happening I ever thought would hap erstwhile we decided to bring this circuit to Brazil.”

Taylor Swift Era Tour picTaylor Swift performs onstage connected the archetypal nighttime of her “Eras Tour” astatine AT&T Stadium connected March 31, 2023, successful Arlington, Texas. (Getty)

Various footage captured by fans astatine the performance and shared connected Twitter featured Swift pausing her show to inquire that h2o beryllium brought to attendees.

“There’s radical that request water, close here,” Swift said arsenic she stood and pointed astatine a conception of the assemblage wherever fans appeared to beryllium waving bare h2o bottles successful the air.

“So whoever is successful complaint of giving them that, delight travel and marque definite that that happens.”

Swift emphasized from the signifier however it was “very hot” and tried to mention the people/sections that seemed astir successful request of hydration.

Later successful the concert, Swift was spotted throwing a vessel to a instrumentality portion singing her 10-minute mentation of “All Too Well.”

According to different instrumentality video connected societal media, Swift’s performance squad yet delivered bottles of h2o to the crowd.